What Has Life Activation Done For Me?


For many years I have found myself constantly drawn to various the alternative options to healing.  I intuitively knew there was more to life than that that I was experiencing and searched for answers in the esoteric section of the bookstores (which was usually about half a shelf) and at the hands of healers in the hopes of finding and connecting with a particular modality.  I enrolled in healing courses There was always something that was not quite connecting and my confidence was really low.  In 2012, I was at an all time low and searching for someone to teach me how to meditate.  I felt that if I could connect with my inner self, I would be able to understand more about myself and know what to do about this feeling of “stuckness”.

Looking back I can see how I was guided through a series of synchronistic events to the door of a Life Activation Practitioner who also happened to have a regular weekly meditation practice.  So not only did I end up finding a place to learn how to meditate, I also had a Life Activation.  You say Life Activation? What has Life Activation done for me? Well it was explained to me as a tool that could help me find direction and my potential, my life purpose, a tool that could empower me.  I jumped at this opportunity.  So what next?  This is the strange thing, in so many ways my experience has been subtle, and yet here I am several years later, so far from where I was, and I know it was this Life Activation that set me on a path I would never have imagined. So within the year I had enrolled in several courses offered by the Mystery School, such as the Sacred geometry series where I learnt to work with crystals and other sacred healings, which I love. 

I was also introduced to meditation, bringing it into my practice and have seen the benefits of making it part of my daily routine. It has the most amazing health benefits.

People often say “I’ve tried meditation, but its not for me, I cannot sit still long enough”.  Meditation does require some discipline, like everything in life if you want to get good at it you have to practice. And finding a meditation style that suits you is important. 

“We live in an incredibly busy world. Our pace of life is often frantic, our minds are always busy, and we’re always doing something,” says Andy Puddicombe at the TEDSalon London Fall 2012. “The sad fact is that we’re so distracted that we are no longer present in the world in which we live. We miss out on the things that are most important to us. The crazy thing is, people assume that’s just the way life is. But that’s not really how it has to be.”

Our mind is such a precious resource, yet how often do we look at the health thereof? Everyone has their idea of physical exercise but how many have focused on the mental?  Nearly half of our lives are lost in thought, spent on what tends to be mind chatter or noise. The Buddhists refer to this chatter as the Crazy drunken Monkey.  Knowing that thought creates reality and half the time we are unaware of what we are thinking about., imagine how powerful one could be if we were just that little bit more aware of our thoughts, imagine what kind of life we would be able to create? So what are we waiting for? How do we stop the mind chatter, calm the monkey?  Through meditation of course.

If we knew more of the “Why” we might be encouraged to start our own practice. It is all very well hearing from people who have done meditation, but over recent years a number of studies on meditation are now backing up what the regular practitioners have known for thousands of years.  Not to bore you with the details of the research in this article, the benefits that are discussed, all have research behind them.

Meditation has been found to improve the physical and mental states of mind but also regulate our emotional being.  When we meditate regularly we tend to lower the frequency of our brain waves and this brings us to a state of mind where we tend to be less emotionally reactive (always a good thing in decision making). It also allows us the opportunity to empty our minds and make space for new ideas, in so doing, improve creativity, productivity and increase our vitality.  It also leads to the lowering of blood pressure by calming us and relieving us of anxiety and prolonged stress which is so harmful to our physical health. With the tension eased our headaches, insomnia and muscle tightness disappear. When our mind is calm and at rest and not focused on outside stimuli (and this is usually in the theta state) we are more receptive and take information on board so it improves memory , self awareness and planning skills. These are real plus factors for children with ADD or just for adults trying to cope in a fast pace environment where decisions are required quickly and with clarity.

Meditation entails deep breathing to create a more relaxed state of mind, but few of us practice mindful breathing on a more regularly.  Our brain requires three times the amount of oxygen than our other organs so if we are sipping air, we are not getting sufficient oxygen, something has to lose out.  Years of shallow breathing can cause our lungs to become rigid, affect our memory, usually attributed to ageing. But if we practice mindful breathing we can improve our oxygen inflow and thus our overall health and longevity. This breathing technique in itself is also in its own way a form of meditation.  Studies have shown that regular meditation has reduced the frequency of the waves and this reduces negative moods, such as tension, and anger. It has also been documented that areas shown to be associated with empathy are more pronounced.  These changes in the brain as a result of quietening of the mind have led to more compassionate, clear and  rational thinking behaviour and a more balanced state of mind generally.

 Practice on a regular basis has also shown a greater increase in the area of the ‘grey matter” in locations related to learning, memory and emotional regulation, and also at the same time less activity in the areas associated with fear and stress. The more often we practice the greater the neural pathways we create to the positive areas and the easier it becomes.

Now this all sounds great but how to start? Observe of how you feeling at this very moment, are you say, clenching your jaw? Are your shoulders tensed? How about practicing the deep breathing technique for 3 to 5 minutes at a time?  Taking a deep breath and following it in through the nose and down to the belly, and then exhaling it slowly out of the mouth, then making a note of how you feel afterwards. Better?  Then try that again the next time you need a break, and continue to do this throughout the day when you remember to.  In this way you begin to exercise your lungs and still your mind.  You could even go for a slow walk or do some tai chi for a more physical experience.  Just keep practicing and slowly you will create a habit, then you can stretch yourself and make you practice a bit longer until before you know it you are a seasoned meditator. 

 And so, here I am, many years later, a Life Activation Practitioner, a healer and an Ensophofic Ray Practitioner and meditator , amongst other numerous sacred geometry tools that I have acquired  through the Modern Mystery School

You see, the Life Activation is based on traditions that have been passed down since ancient times through the Modern Mystery School in the Lineage of King Salomon, tried and tested.  It activates the dormant potential in our DNA and brings us back into alignment with our Life Plan.  Our bodies are made up of vibrating energy and the Activation helps to bring more Life Force and light into our structure. Kind of lighting our way to help us see with more clarity.  It sure lit my way.

Initiated into the School by attending one of the most powerful weekend workshops called Empower Thyself,  My journey has led me to other aspects of the school, such as the Universal Kabbalah and I find myself on a path of self discovery that not only has helped me to discover more about myself but put me in a position where I have the privilege of now helping people with healings.

I love what I do and I am now in a situation to give back by offering Max Meditation™ groups to adults but also offering this skill to our youth who are suffering from anxiety and pressure of todays lifestyle.  So not only have I moved forward to the point that I barely recognise myself but I have found the healings and meditations I was searching for. 


Brenda Stevens, trained in the lineage of King Solomon, a Healer, 2nd step Ritual Master, Kabbalist in the Modern Mystery School.

Passionate about sharing the joy she has achieved through these healings, she is committed to helping others to experience this too. Brenda offers Life Activation (DNA Activation) Ensophic Ray Healings, Aura and chakra Balancing, Crystal healings, Shamanic Baby Blessing and Etheric cord cuttings and more.

Brenda also offers meditation not only for adults but also to the younger generation to provide them with coping skills for life. She also hosts MINI Me Yoga (MMY a simple 15 minute yoga and mindfulness program for children); mindfulness and meditation for pre-schoolers workshops for parents/teachers. The purpose of which is to empower children.

Brenda can be contacted by email: Brenda@LiminaLucem.co.za

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