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Inner Peace

Inner peace – a state of Wholeness with Self.
Taking responsibility for our self and everything we give energy.
This is the elixir to life and living life alive in every moment.
If you want to learn more about this concept you will find some helpful information here The Modern Mystery School Ensofic Reiki™
We have the power to connect and communicate with Self! To create a quiet pond in the mind amidst the chaos of our outer world.
What is required to get to this state of inner peace?
Meditation is a great start. Here is where to find out more Modern Mystery School Meditations
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So much has been written about this thing called inner peace and bliss throughout all the centuries.
It can be summed up in this:
Being in control of your emotions!

Does that mean you go through life like the sphinx? Cold as stone? A burning volcano never erupting? Emotionless? Not at all. Does it mean that you are unmovable? Choosing the emotions that run through you consciously aware? That you operate from choice? Absolutely! Something to strive for! Emotion is essential to us or else man would be inert and passive. Emotion is what stimulates all our thoughts and brings about action. It is like the gasoline that fuels your engine. But it will be a serious mistake to add petroleum to your diesel motor or vice versa. 

You could learn more about this in Empower Thyself if you wish where we talk more about the cycle of human processes and the stimuli behind all thought processes Empower Thyself 

When we work with the emotional side of our character we can strengthen our virtues and eliminate our vices. The system of Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah is where you can learn more about all these virtues and vices and how to recognise them in yourself . Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah 

Annie Besant writes that “Emotion is not a simple or primary state of consciousness, but is made up by the interaction of the two aspects of the Self – Desire and Intellect.” 

Desire – and here I am using it to digress. As many more reports are flooding in from all over the world in response to recent attacks on the lineage and leaders of the MMS, I am sickened to my stomach by the manipulation and conniving that is becoming more apparent and all for the illusion of glory, fame and fortune. Is it justified to destroy others because you don’t like the results of what you personally put in place? Does it justify the course of action for publicity sake? How do you sleep at night if all that is driving you is to fulfil your own questionable desires? Using others by misrepresenting the truth. By scheming and plotting. Manipulating media for ulterior motives. Desires employed to separate and destroy. 

Now, we are not talking about those desires that takes us to higher planes. Desires that edge us on to become more than we have ever been. To heal and overcome. No, I am talking here about the vices of desiring anything and everything that others have. Covetousness. Jealousy. Desires to possess and shun. Those things that make us the victims of our own lack of goodness. The things that create dependency. That makes us malicious and on the prowl of destroying what is good and beautiful. Attraction and Repulsion – the two forms of desire. 

In dealing with the ethics of emotions and desire we have to note then their similarities and differences. Emotion has been defined as desire infused with Intellect. Emotion which has the essence of attraction can be called LOVE. Associated with objects that brings pleasure, that brings togetherness. In the true sense of the word Love is not an emotion but a force of the Universe. Attracting and integrating energy. The force behind the form. 

It has been distorted to be so much that it is not, this thing called love. Probably because of the choices made to infuse it with intellect or not. It’s true nature is to unite. So much unity has come from these and other vile allegations thrown out into the world. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all those around the world that has come together in love. I respect you whether you have publicly responded or to me in person. I know it is so hard to stand in open transparency because of the judgment and opinions that it comes with. I know candid speaking makes one the target of many things. I have become an overnight skilled professional at speaking my mind lol. I know it is so hard because we are flooded by so much that can distract our attention from the task at hand. 

But let’s get back to emotions. Emotion from the essence of repulsion is termed HATE. VICE. Disintegrating energy in the Universe. Energy that has pain at its core and therefore desiring to repel, separate and destroy. Where there is hate the temporary victor (victim) will scream vindictiveness, treachery and revenge. Hate is not of Self, it is not a force but it is from form, thus matter. 

Love manifests as self-sacrifice, benevolence, protection, confidence, gratitude and reverence. Love is from Spirit and therefore Life. Yes in the Modern Mystery School International we teach that you are an eternal being, you are spirit in the flesh. As an eternal being I am at the cause of threatening everything that operates from the flesh side of Life! 

Hate, revenge, rejection on the other hand manifests as self-aggrandisement, scorn and the desire for mutual injury. But then again what starts out as the virtue of love-emotion has been proven time and time again to be at the core of hate-emotions. It all boils down to the intention of the actions. Contempt for the honour of another. Selfish grasping at personal pleasure at the cost of social honour and decency. Destroying what is sacred and revered. Lack of respect for self and others. 

Love-emotion is shown in compassion, generosity, forgiveness, trust and respect. The virtuous man (or woman) is thrown into conflict with evil and even the righteous may suffer temporarily, but that inner peace can’t be destroyed and more virtue grows from that. The outer misery is not due to the virtue of love but only to the circumstances which oppose its practice!
I for one, but so many others, have been the recipient of much of this projection of the hate-emotion and evil even while serving the living and the dying.So I must be doing something that evil doesn’t like. Holding the hand of a sister or brother dying. Serving another that wishes to overcome their pain and suffering by standing up and moving out of victimhood. What is not a crime these days? 

Hate-emotion will yield the fruits of fear, cowardice, attack and revolt. Even when it is veiled amid a mass of lies, falsities and deceit, no matter if it stems from pain or hurt – more anguish and misery will always be the end result. 

Miss Helen Taylor said: “That for the man who dies for the sake of truth, death is easier than life with falsehood. It is easier for the righteous man to die as a martyr than to live as a hypocrite”. I will stand in open transparency and have nothing to hide, neither my mistakes nor imperfections. I have nothing that I am fearful to read about myself in a public tabloid. Feel free to publish more lies, rumours and allegations with or without basis. Ask me and I will share my greatest humiliations, there are but a few. 

A parting note to address Intellect. Emotion should be the impulse to action but not the director of the movie. Intellect should always be the guiding force. Strong emotion as the impulse directed by reason and intellect makes the wise man/woman. 

Thanks to the extended training I have had in my life and especially since joining the MMS I have no attachment to this physical form life, reputation or public image. My words and deeds and actions will speak for itself. 

Will yours? Will it hold up against the scrutiny of private investigators? Will it hold up in a court of law? Will it hold up at the throne of God? 

I pray that you will all find the peace and joy in your life today. I hold only love in my heart for every soul, even those misguided, and I hold the firm belief that your greatest pain will become your greatest strength if you just get out of your own way. 

I have no animosity towards anyone for their opinions or judgments. No time to waste on it either. I have work to do! 

May you all have bliss today. May you all find inner peace always!

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon


My Purpose In Life Is To Be The Catalyst To Transformation

Please join me for a cup of tea today. Thank you for your visit.
Let me be very honest it is hard to keep quiet and even harder to speak out. Over the past week I have spoken out after years of silence. Silence NOT because I am ashamed or feeling guilty as I have been so “eloquently taken to task”. Spoken out! Not coming out in defense to others – spoken truth for myself and yes, maybe the hundreds of others that are silently doing their unique part in the tapestry of life.
Quiet because I have been keeping my head down doing what I do best. Working. Serving.
Working at being present and the task at hand in that moment. Fighting the good fight. Being a good person. Alleviating pain and hurt of others. Saving lives, yes literally and energetically. Teaching and empowering those that haven’t yet found their voice in the world.
I have allowed the small pests to destroy my garden. Small foxes ruining my vineyard! I so hate the use of pesticides that I have neglected the use of growing symphathetic plants to counteract the rot. I haven’t “worked at my public image” as I have been told I should have done and am told I must do now. I haven’t spoken to the rumours behind my back. The oozing out of other’s lack of integrity. The audacity of the disgruntled cowards that come and poison those trying to find empowerment for themselves. No, I haven’t focused on making a public figure of myself, building an empire on lies and fprotecting my reputation from alse claims. No, I haven’t made false accusations, dubious law suits and paraded myself as a saint. No I have’t been writing articles with bad intentions. Smeared others behind their backs. No, I haven’t been taking a rest even during the Covid pandemic.
I have been working with real people. Real tragedies. Real suffering. I have believed that my good deeds will speak for themselves. No, I have very seldom been taking great pictures of myself doing this. I hate the camera about as much as it hates me. No, I am not photogenic and flirt with a camera to swoon others. I am the one botching all the pictures taken at events. LOL, I remember many a MMS picture taken that had to be deleted, “lost to the matrix”. I do have good ones though, because of the wonderful people in it being real, great memories of grand times. Thank you to everyone posting all of them. I remember you!
I am standing proud in this lineage and if I am now disappointing the image you have had of me so much the woe to you. You had me wrong. This is me. Not perfect in any way but what you see is what you get and never fake. I have been judged for many things. The list is too long to regale. Do I like being judged? No. Thank you Ipsissimus Dave for telling me so many a time to stand tall while being judged by my peers, friends and enemies. To stand in my power and not hide. How well it serves me now. How I treasure all those teachings that I have received in this great school. The Modern Mystery School International has great tools of empowerment as you most certainly have seen all the good men and women standing up and reporting.
Over the years I have been teaching even to those that came to the MMS classes I present, with lots of opinions and judgments. Of course, some were their own negative egos screaming and projecting. Of course some knew about the gossip, rumours and false allegations. Of course some came to “check out” if we were really a cult, whether I have horns or am a witch. Some decided for themselves and gave the work the benefit of the doubt with great effect in their lives. I am so proud of you that stayed despite my flaws and inadequacies bringing the work to you.
Many have reported on their personal transformation. So many great testimonies that I received that I could post. Some walked away even before or after initiation. I do respect everyone’s decisions. I respect you for having different viewpoints. Taking a different path up the mountain. I have never hounded you, bad mouthed you or threatened you. I know we will meet again at the summit. I love diversity. I love the Nelson Mandela belief in the Rainbow Nation and extend it to the world. I believe everyone has free will and choice. Wow, that is what we teach from the first initiation at Empower Thyself. Choice!
If this was a cult we would not be teaching about empowerment. One would not have choice. If we were brain-washing people, I missed that whole section of teachings. Damn I could make mega bucks doing that. I am curious though – how did these great people spewing at the school of empowerment break the cycle of their brain-washing? Was it by being “stripped”? Oh no, I must be wrong because I know some have never had themselves “stripped” from their initiations. Maybe why they are such powerful and upstanding “saintly” people.
Maybe it comes from tearing down the value of sacred ceremonies and rituals? Or is it only because of the magic spells and charms that they are performing? Some brave soul even shared with me how she was witness to the story of the sex magic that was done to entice the victim of vindictive and false accusations by the now saint of society.
It is heart warming and at the same time heart rendering the amount of private messages I have been receiving over the past week from people that have started waking up. Good people coming forward with testimonies and revelations of acts of the devious nature of someone that I used to call a friend. People that shared rooms, meals and conversations with the disgruntled “victims” trying to take good people down. Old friends and buddies that is appalled at what is happening now, cheering now that we are speaking out openly. Students that are questioning me on “ how could you have tolerated” being back stabbed like that. Well of course it would have helped if good people spoke out sooner. If only right. Hindsight is always 20/20. In the present moment a good person always holds another in good and beauty. This is what many a master of Light has been teaching us.
I have a policy that now seems quite ludicrous – I am the first to admit.
If you can’t say to someone’s face how you feel and what you think you don’t say it behind their backs.
I have lived by that all my life and now it seems I am the fool for that. Or am I? I still believe you say ONLY what is true, even now. Maybe especially now.

Like I have stated before in other posts yes I am considered a hard, outspoken, heartless bitch. Is this true? No, I am not! I just say to you in person what needs to be said. Like it or not. Do I mean to harm you? Absolutely not. Do I mean to wake you up to something you might not see? Absolutely. Could I be nicer? Probably. Would that be as effective? Most likely not. Is it truth? Always.

My purpose in life is to be the catalyst to transformation. To do whatever it takes to bring about change and transformation so we can all live in peace and harmony. To anchor that 1000 years of peace that the prophecies talk about. Shamballa, Nirvana, New Jerusalem or whatever it may be called. Are there casualties? Unfortunately so. I know you might not believe me but it rips my heart out every time I have to be harsh, direct or redirect regardless my own ego or yours. That is why I work 24/7 to heal, fix and serve. I know the karma for my words, deeds and actions and I am the one that has to deal with it. 

I haven’t taken care of my garden like some of my great teachers have been pointing out to me. Thank you women of the MMS for your amazing truthful posts you share. You are all true gardeners and I admire you, your pictures of your gardens and your families. The penny has finally dropped for me. You and so many other great women in this lineage have been able to hold the balance of both service and family life, sometimes at great cost to yourselves. You have shared such great and amazing stories and I am in awe of everyone standing up and showing themselves. Well done to every woman of the world working at yourself! Keep shining the Light! 

I applaud every good man too for speaking out in a world where it has become acceptable to sell everything and anything with sex. Where it is so hard to be a good man. So many has written to me to ask how do you even show a woman admiration if you can’t compliment their beauty and sexuality without the risk of being called a pervert? Without the possibility of being accused of abuse? Thank you to the men of MMS that have spoken out. Taken up the sword to fight the war against what is corrupted. I honor you today!Thank you to the men of the Third Order Gudni Gudnason, Dave Lanyon and Hideto Nakagome, the Leader of Leaders Eric Thompson and to the Council of 12 Women for your courage to teach even about the sacred truth of the art of this complex subject called sex. It is so crucial to know how to navigate the world of such sensitive matters that can easily be vilivied and used as a weapon of evil as we are seeing right now.

How distorted our world has become. It is time for this to change. It is time to separate the lies from the truth. Reality from the illusion. Some has written to me and asked how do we distinguish between real and fake. Only in your heart will you have the answer to that.Fake news, fake tan, fake boobs, fake meat, fake conversations, fake articles, fake … and you can fill in the blank. I will conclude with this –In South Africa we have the great fortune of having glorious sunshine days 325 days of the year. No need for fake vit D here.I wish you a beautiful cup of tea today! Up to you if you choose chamomile, five roses, green tea or whatever warms your heart! Blessed be!

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon


I Will Continue to Speak Out

I hugely appreciate everyone’s opinions and feedback, criticism and love over the past days and in the flurry of so many posts regarding the Vice article and reports on the MMS, it’s leaders, myself and others named. I have been writing very direct words, mainly as I am in the thick of it. Yes I’m fully aware how many have been questioning where it comes from and why I see reason to be so blunt. Why I would attack instead of be kind. Why I choose to speak out on something so sensitive a subject. Some with the courage to ask and others with the courage only to condemn. Thank you for it all. I appreciate your thoughts and words regardless of being pro or against.
I speak out and can it be seen as rude? – maybe.
Can it be judged as crude? – for sure.
Can it be questioned? – without a doubt.
Re-victimising others – absolutely not.
Where you there? Do you know the facts? Do you know the people involved personally? Have you the whole picture?
Cast stones at me for being frank. I was there and I have direct experience. This is NOT about me hurting or in pain. It is not about me. Feel free to have your own opinions and interpretations.
Sometimes a lifetime of being gracious, generous, smiling and turning the other cheek 72 x 72 times just won’t wash any longer. This is not the way I would have chosen to do it. Speaking on a public forum. It is not in alignment with who I am. I am usually quietly bearing the gossip, the brunt of other’s opinions and judgments with and mostly without foundation. Teaching, healing and helping regardless. It is time for this witch hunt to end. I am sorry if it hurts your sense of decency. I am sorry if you do not or cannot hear my words. I am sorry it is ruffling your feathers. It is not meant to hurt or hinder. Maybe it is meant to ruffle feathers. Lol. It is meant to scream WAKE UP. It is meant to say stop all the injustice. It is meant to say stop all the BS. It is meant to say it is time to stand for a new way of being.
Am I hard as nails when victimhood screams in my face? Yes, on myself much more than others. Have I said many a thing that one wouldn’t like to hear. Way too many times. Maybe I have shocked you. Disappointed you. For that I am not happy at all. Lao Tzu said “Care what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner”
I live in a country where it is the norm to play victim. Wait for a handout. To lie and cheat. Where corruption is rampant. Where life is not valued or respected. Where crime against humans is at the order of the day. Where conniving and stepping on the truth is ok so long as you get to the top. Where it is ok to destroy anyone in your way. This is not right. Yes, it will not change by fighting fire with fire BUT maybe lighting the fire is exactly what is needed.
I have given my life to uplift and serve humans even when I really don’t like what humans do or have become. I have seen violence, crime, despair and unmentionable things. I have stood in ER and OT’s many years and sutured many a wound inflicted by humans on other humans for the mere reason of being on the wrong side of another at the wrong time. I have served women violently abused. I have seen the horrors of evil. I am not alone in this. Many of those of the MMS family that have spoken out know this first hand too. I have served endlessly and always will, no matter what comes at me. I want nothing more than living in a world filled with peace and acceptance of all. It starts with little steps at a time. Standing up to little acts of injustice at a time.
I am not perfect in any way and I am the first to acknowledge it. I do not stand for lying and cheating to make yourself feel better. I stand for taking responsibility, being accountable for my choices, my words, deeds and actions. Perceived by many as good or not good.
I would have preferred to have this battle in court where my lawyers could speak on my behalf. Where everyone would be civil and decent. Where they could defend me from negative and false accusations. Where they could defend my public image and reputation. Be very clear I did not choose this medium. Now that it has come to this I am standing up and am fully capable of speaking for myself. I believe that is just. Let everyone speak on their own behalf. I find it fascinating that everyone is speaking on behalf of the people they don’t even know. Where you there? Do you know for a fact? Well then they must be victims. The one thing that I know is that I am not a victim. So leave me be to speak on my own behalf. Not someone else’s.
I am grateful to you Bernice and Mark for doing it this way so everyone in the world that chooses to say something can have the opportunity. FOR OR AGAINST! I am in awe of everyone speaking out for what they believe in, as well as the value of the hard work they have done on themselves.
I know there is karma for every word, deed and action! MINE and everyone else too. I am willingly taking my karma. Are you? I know every time I neglected to say something I will pay the price. I know that every harsh, rude, crude word will exact a price from me. I am working through my karma. I dislike the way it makes me feel. I love peace and harmony. I love good and beauty. I want to live amicably with all. I want to be left to live my life without being bad-mouthed, slandered and without the constant back stabbing. Without the whispers and the humiliation. I have worked hard to overcome my own victimhood, my powerlessness and lack of self-worth.
I will continue to speak out as this is the right thing to do.
Thank you to the Modern Mystery School International, to Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome for holding the lineage and making this great work available to everyone that chooses to partake of it. Thank you for all the years of judgment and criticism you have weathered from everyone you served. I have seen how you kept on serving everywhere in the world under pleasant as well as harsh conditions. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and experience that I have received in this lineage. I have seen the results of the great work in my life and so many others. The proof is really in the fruits if you are willing to prune the branches. I will continue to prune my tree so it delivers good fruit.
I have often said that even if the people in the MMS aren’t perfect all of the time the work is good and allows everyone the opportunity to grow in light and love and stand as empowered beings. I am flawed for sure. I am imperfect yes. I am an outspoken straight shooter definitely. I do not condone violence, abuse or bringing harm to anoyone or anything.
You can judge me I will stand in it. It saddens me but go ahead judge and criticize me if you feel. This is your right to have your voice. This will be my final word on this vile article and the twisted words written. I choose now to focus on what is important in the bigger scheme of things. I wish you all health, wealth and prosperity. Bear your karma with equanimity and zeal.
I am standing up for what is right.
I was there!
I am here now!
I will be here all the way!

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon


Harming Anyone or Being Harmed is Not Acceptable

Harming Anyone or Being Harmed is Not Acceptable

I would like to make it very clear that I am not speaking on behalf of anyone but only myself today and if anything should resonate with you I am humbled and ask you to just sit with it and take it inside. If it doesn’t resonate or you have opinions about it feel free to sit with it and keep it inside yourself too. This is not about a debate on who is for or against and if you have thoughts about this do take it inside or move on to another post that you do like.
The world is a messed up place and it has become like that because so many a time when we should be taking a stand we don’t. When we should express and we don’t or we should keep quiet and we don’t. There are many reasons for that of course! What are your reasons for speaking out or staying quiet? What are your reasons for defending, criticising or commenting?
Mostly because we think others are too weak to do it for themselves? This is so insulting and this is my feeling about it! Let everyone speak for themselves. Do you have all the facts?
There are always more than one side to any story and even more interpretations of it. Bottomline is we have all been abused in some way, shape or form. There are those that keep quiet and then there are those finding a public forum to announce it to all that will sympathize with it.
In my practice I have found those of serious and repeated violent abuse are usually very silent. Those that want everyone to know their story are usually the victims. Yes, I know there will be many of you reading this that will accuse me once again of being insensitive and speaking too harshly. As I started out please hold your opinions and judgments and if you can’t, just stop reading this. It is not for you.
Let me be VERY clear. Abuse is not right. Harming anyone or being harmed is NOT acceptable but let’s stop for a moment and think about the definition of abuse.
Here are a few:
“ to use something to bad effect or for a bad purpose”
“to treat a person or animal with cruelty or violence”
“ Any action that intentionally harms or injures another”
“ The improper use of something”
Cruelty and violence can NOT be condoned. Society has come to think of abuse only in a sexual connotation though and it is not so. It is so much broader than that. The improper use of something albeit power, words, actions and intentions. I have been working with abused humans and animals for very long and there is nothing more heart breaking than seeing the results of emotional abuse where there are no scars to be shown except in the heart and mind.
I have recently been attacked for re-victimising someone that has been throwing out allegations and misrepresented truths over a period of 3 years. So only if you spread false allegations do you have the right to defence? Do you even know what really happened? That is what is sick in our society. Just make an allegation and in brackets say the defendants lawyers denied this but I am going to publish it anyhow. What an upright human you are Mark Wilding! Have a great karma day brother!
I have been the focus of slanderous attacks by women with axes to grind. Fired into my heart and soul and this has been going on behind my back for over 3 years now. It is personal so am I just expected to roll over and take it? Are the cowardice attacks behind my back and on social media right? These victims are being defended so verociously so it must mean that they are the only ones with rights? I have no rights? Those that are being attacked, slandered have no rights? Do only those bringing forth slanderous attempts at destroying me, my reputation, my livelihood and those of my family have the right to defense?
It has been growing like a cancer for years and has damaged so many with whom I have had contact over this period, not even mentioning those that never came forward. I have been silent and allowed everyone their opinions, suspicions and judgments. I did this because there is so much more to the story than what was given by these women and those commiserating with the falsities, rumours and innuendos. What good would it do to speak out when not a single person had the decency or guts to address it with me directly? Should you have asked you would have known the true version. Nobody ever did. Just made their own judgments and that is ok for I am not defending myself as I have been so harshly judged. No! I am not victimising or re-victimising those that utilize social media to fight their battles either. I am standing true and standing up for myself in truth for once! I KNOW what it feels like to be abused and now we do talk about the broad definition!
Over the past week thank heavens the bombshell has exploded and finally it is out in the open. An article was published and forwarded to everyone whether they wanted to be part of it or not! The focus of someone with bad intensions meant to intentionally harm and injure. Used to a bad purpose! By way of slander, false rumours, doubts and blunt manipulation! Unfortunately it is not just about me and the poison is all around and affecting so much more than myself and my MMS family. Like a bulging abscess that has burst and the pus is oozing everywhere. But as a healer I am happy that the boil burst. I am happy that finally everything is in the open and the Light can enter into the wound so it can heal!
I am not writing this in an attempt to get sympathy or even your empathy. I am not writing this to hear how sorry you are or even that you stand with me even though I appreciate you all, friends and foe. I am not a victim. I am not looking to be avenged or protected or cuddled. Not for this crime against me and my Modern Mystery School International family all over the world nor for the crime perpetrated on me a long time ago.
I am writing this because finally I can say something about the hurt and damage it has caused. NOT to Me! I am just a casualty of war. A war that has been raging inside the mind of damaged individuals just like we all are, unless we take control of it and heal it. I have been there before so I know. I too have been the recipient of abuse and thinking that I need to be validated, approved and excused because I am special and unique on the basis of how I have suffered abuse. I could have joined a women’s movement too and shouted out in anger and vengefulness. What a useless exercise. Even the latest movement that could have been a worthy campaign to make people aware of abuse, if only victimhood wasn’t allowed to creep in and derail a good thing.
I refuse to give in to weakness, to excuses of being a “special” case.
I detest how society makes us think we are imperfect. And NO I am NOT saying women deserve to be abused I am saying we are not victims and nobody should make us that.
I disapprove of anyone needing to defend another. That means they can’t do it for themselves? Anyhow they are very verbal on social media so one would expect nobody needs to worry about them being re-victimised.
I salute all those that could overcome their greatest challenge, their deepest wounding to let the Light in and heal.
I salute every women AND man, child and animal that has been the recipient of abuse in any way, shape or form. I know there are many that find the MMS to heal and let the Light in. It has been likened to a hospital for the ill and afflicted. I am eternally grateful to Gudni Gudnason Hideto Nakagome Dave Lanyon and every good man in the school for showing me that even though they might have faults and imperfections that they are willing to work at those and serve the Light.
Rumi hit it on the head. The wound is where the light can enter if you allowed it to. The wound allows one to go within and acknowledge the choices that one made that brought the results. Letting the Light in allows one to truly KNOW THYSELF. Know Thyself as a Divine Being! Serving other that have pain and hurt!
It is so easy to blame everyone and everything outside of ourselves. Of course there are perpetrators of vile and evil deeds but for the most part one’s choices bring us to the places of harm and we have to take responsibility for what we do and don’t do.
I have seen so many receivers of abuse step out of their victimhood. Stand tall and be an example to others. It is so easy in this day and age of junk food to eat that burger and chips and then blame the fast food joint for your indigestion. It is so easy to blame the clown for being a bad clown but then my dear just stop going to the circus!!!
Bernice if you pursue men with all your womanly wiles, flaunt yourself at them and they flirt with you is it their crime alone? Repeatedly men coming on to you, taking advantage of you are only the men to blame? Is it possible that you need to make different choices? To see where you have to restore the balance between your light and dark side?
Unless you choose to stay in the same situation for fear of your life, unless you are threatened or your kids at risk and even then – find a way out! Do you perpetually put yourself in the same situation? Do you go to a man’s room and expect nothing to happen? It is so easy to exonerate yourself and blame someone else, male or female. What do you need to do to take yourself out of harm’s way? I did. So many others did! Blame makes you the victim. Projection makes you the victim! Let the light in. Being a victim holds you ransom! Yes I speak harshly. Yes I am blunt! Yes I will keep pushing my brothers and sisters to step out of their victimhood! I will do whatever it takes. I am grateful to the Modern Mystery School International for the tools I have to make a difference. For the grace of the school that always have an open door for everyone and anyone no matter what!
Woman of the world I have posted on this before. Let us restore our place on this planet. Let us be impeccable with our words. Impeccable in our deeds. Let us live in integrity again. Let us use our voice correctly and take hands with each other. Let us step forward and create a safer place for ourselves, our sisters, our men, children and animals. If we continue this cowardly way of accusing men for the choices that we make how will we ever restore the planet to Shamballa? How will we ever ensure that those that need protection, care receive it? No more muddying the waters with innuendos. No more distracting the focus from the real evil out there. The real crimes to humanity. As women we have to council with ourselves, with other women. We need to set the example and restore the imbalance! I am so happy to have sisters that I care for and that stand with me the council of 12 especially Divinas Franca Lanyon, Eiko Gudnason, Luisa Nakagome, Theresa Ibis Bullard, Liza Rossi, Ann Donnelly, Kate Bartram-Brown and a special friend Martina Coogan that has suffered from the twisted allegations too and so many others that have accepted me as one of the tribe even if I sometimes really wonder why I was chosen to represent the Council of 12, lol.
We have to lay down the axe with each other. We have to start communicating. We have to hear and be heard. We have to learn how to express what is real for us and paramount we have to hear each other.
Women are NOT the only victims of crime and abuse. Men are too!
If we as women do not clean up our act how will we restore the balance? How will we as women be safe? How will our men be safe? Our children?
If we can just lash out everytime we change our mind and no longer want to stand by our choices and decisions how will anything change? When will we take responsibility for our own creations?
If you have forgotten I said very emphatically abuse is not right BUT if we scream abuse everytime we are not satisfied with the outcome of our choices the world will stop listening and THAT is the crime. There are many beings suffering at the hand of abusers. It has become the fashion to scream abuse to the world when we not take responsibility though.
I know of so many brave and courageous women, children and men that has overcome abuse. That are not the victims to abuse but the champions of victory! Have you been to a women’s shelter? Have you served to help them heal. I know the family that have been subjected to the slander, disperging allegations cleverly twisted and misrepresented as delivered by Mark Wilding for Vice and Bernice van Eck has.
I know that no matter what Dave Lanyon and his family, his child, his dear Mother and Father do not deserve to be abused in this way. They have been serving in so many ways. If you have an axe to grind there are other ways. My poor grandmother would rise from her grave if she could see what happens on social media and what is considered acceptable nowadays.
Thank you to the Modern Mystery School International for all the people that have found healing from the work. The lineage is not for everyone. If this is not home to you then find another place that will nurture you. I send you blessings and pray for healing of your wounds. Just let the light in!
No debate is necessary. Take it within or move on. There is so much out there that you can entertain yourself with. No distractions Light workers! let us march onward and upward.

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon


Mothers Day

Dear Friend and Enemy of the MMS Yes I am sad because I feel things need to be said and brought in the open.
Everything that happens to you is the effect of something you have chosen to do or not do, and it might even be an experience that is being given you to assist in your transformation. In either case, what takes place is exactly what you need at the present moment. For you and me and us at the Modern Mystery School – South Africa Modern Mystery School International , we can either use it to stay victim to our old conditioned patterns of being or we can use it as a foundation to build something new. To create the Shamballa, we all yearn for. Here at Modern Mystery School – South Africa, Limina Lucem we are using it to further our personal and collective transformation. I am using this latest attack as an eye opener that I have to work harder for the light and not let evil take me or anyone I care for out!
We stand up with each other because we know and love each other. We are a family, and we might not like certain things about each other, but we accept and love the Divine nature of each individual. I know many do not like my direct outspokenness, that is why I am quiet most of the time, lol and yet I know every one of my brothers and sisters will have my back when it is needed!
So, when we reaffirm our commitment to fight the darkness and evil ways on this planet the only thing, we are doing is speaking out against the things that are not acceptable to us. When we speak out against false and biased presentation of that what is dear to us, we are taking a stand against all the wrongs in society. When we speak truth now it is not because we are defending words in an article, no, it is because we kept quiet in the past. Believe me quiet people always know more than what they seem to know.
These are the core beliefs by which we operate, and I do hope you will take the time to read it!…/ So many have questioned why we all post at present. While we understand that forgiveness for those who have wronged you is easy; forgiveness does not mean you roll over and allow harm to come to those you hold dear. We teach that vengeance in fact will even be replaced by gratitude. We have gratitude for the opportunity to show the world who we really are! This is not about defending ourselves, our leaders Gudni Gudnason, Dave Lanyon, Hideto Nakagome against the slanderous biased and intentionally skew picture painted by Mark Wilding and a few disgruntled ex-students about the lineage and the school, about our sacred ceremonies, rituals and tools.
No! It is about standing together for the values and the beliefs that have served every one of us. Those that are speaking out, those that remain quiet and even those that are screaming abuse, exploitation and heaven knows what else. Yes, even those that now suddenly protest they were magnetized and have been disillusioned. Before your Life activation, your adept initiation, which you willingly received and asked for when you chose to attend Empower Thyself, you were in a much worse state than since you received the work you now desecrate.
Bernice you attack those that helped you come back from a really dark place. You became an empowered person putting your life together with the help of the Modern Mystery School International but before that you were using many substances heavily, you partied all the time and there are many of your friends from your life before the school that have testified to that and so much more. It was not just a once off drunk driving charge, just one false cry of being taken advantage of sister. With the tools of the MMS you started putting your life together and you started living as the goddess that you teach everyone now to become. You overcame that old old! Why belittle it now? You are using exactly the results of those tools to bring change in your socialite world. You are letting evil destroy all that you achieved dear! I remember the time in Sea Point in the restaurant buying you a steak to ground you after a heavy relapse you had. I know you hate me for standing in your way of becoming a guide. For saying you had to stop sleeping around and living a pure life. I know you hate me for telling you to stop your unhealthy infatuation with Dave and others you obsessed about. I know you hate me for trying to prevent you from messing up your life. You have made this very clear! BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Take responsibility for your OWN decisions. Does it make you feel better to twist everything around? Truth twisted for what purpose?
You have already cast the shadows of doubt onto all the people and their families you have accused cowardly, including myself, in a vile sensation seeking internet article. Distorted stories with an agenda! And many a person is standing up for you and defending you, making you the victim. NO sister you are NOT that. I do remember you and the times we shared. You made calculated choices that didn’t bring the desired results and you blame those outside of you.
I am sad you have gone to this level and that this is the only way to reach you. Never have you taken the direct route of communication. You have approached only those that would commiserate with you, those that are now fuelling this expose and choose to cowardly stay in the background. Anonymously sending it to one and all. Silent gratification of the victim. Delusions of the mind is what is more detrimental than actual disease. My heart bleeds for the damage that this social media sensation seeking is doing to the innocent seeker out there.
Christa I am sad that it is a reason to destroy the lives of good people because you felt helping to clean the centre after big events was not compensated. I am honoured to clean and am still doing it every time I get the opportunity after every class here or internationally. It is so little that I can do in return for the teachings I utilise in my life to transform not only my own but also other people’s lives.
Yes these are harsh sounding words but true. As is harsh what is said in the article and not true. What about the thousands of lives that have transformed because of these tools? One or ten Disgruntlars destroying it for others. If you begrudge the school for whatever reason you have the right to walk away for sure. I serve to help those that want the transformation, and this little distraction will not deter me. Sticks and stones might break my bones, my reputation and whatever else but I serve no matter what it takes. My prayer is that we can overcome our tendency to make others accountable for the decisions we make, for the things we do and don’t do!
The core belief acted out there in the world is that women are weak, lost, abandoned, attacked, exploited and abused. Might it be that they are brow-beaten victims giving their power away and not willing to confront their own dark mirrors! Blaming others for everything that is wrong in order to avoid feeling guilty or ashamed for not honouring their own power and Divinity as females. The classic “poor me” where we validate our own existence only by our fears. Don’t get me wrong there is EVIL in this world. MUCH EVIL AND HENOUS CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN! There are women being abused, raped and exploited. Crimes of violence is rampant in my country and everywhere else in the world. False, twisted and distorted claims are taking away attention from the serious crimes to women in the world! It is putting the focus on victimhood instead of the criminal acts portrayed on women by violent perpetrators. Taking focus away from what MUST be looked at and addressed. This is NOT right! This must stop!
Today I want to make a tribute to all the MOTHERS out there. Thank you for your strength, your commitment and dedication to continue living life in spite of all the hardships you have faced. Thank you to my mother for always being there for me even when you were broken yourself. Heart broken by all the criticism, the judgments, the opposition of the world.
Women of the world let us take hands and restore the Divine Archetype of the Mother. Let us bury the hatchet with each other, our men and all children of the world. Let us become the Guardians of the world again.
Let us restore the perfect balance of the female and male energies on this planet. Our Mother Earth.
I stand as a woman today.
Getting older, wiser and embracing it.
I am a work in progress and loving every step of the hard work on the way to enlightenment.
Taking responsibility of my thoughts and words and deeds.
Sisters and stepsisters, Cinderella’s and Cruella’s, let us heal all this brokenness in ourselves so we can take our rightful place on this planet again.
Let us restore the trust and the innocence.
Let us bring back the introspection, illumination and alignment with wisdom.
Let us stand in the Light and Enlightenment.
We are the mothers. We are the life bearers.
Let us restore the open heart-to-heart communication.
Let us be impeccable with our words.
Let us be impeccable with our own self-worth.
Mothers can forgive anything! Everything!
That is what makes them Unique Angels of God.
Mothers have courage and strength!
Thank you Divinas Franca Lanyon Eiko Gudnason Luisa Nakagome for being courageous women and forgiving the hurt and damage done to your families!
Thank you, Women of the MMS, for your willingness and courage to heal yourselves and others.
I salute you all Grandmothers, Mothers, Women & Sisters of the world.
Let’s make a difference! Little by little light up the fires of sacred remembrance of the Divine Feminine.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon


Hell Has No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” is the saying.
Sisters if we can’t take responsibility for our actions, we will always stay the victim to it!
Taking responsibility means pointing the finger at yourself for the choices you make and don’t make. Not justifying, rationalizing or projecting at others, not distorting the facts to make you feel better about yourself!
I warn you not to read this post if you want fluffy falsities.
I am of the older generation and not so active on social media. I still believe in the hands-on method. I still believe that looking someone in the face and having a real conversation is the honorable way to interact. If you want to know the truth, then ask me and I will share it and if not asked I will keep quiet and confidential all I know as I have taken the Hippocratic oath to do. So, believe me speaking out on this medium means that this is an important matter.
One too many false accusations has been made to cast dispersions onto what is real for me.
When I look at a person, I see a divine being, not a title or a label or the negative ego screaming out with all kinds of inappropriate behaviors. I see you. I see me. I see someone seeking for truth and enlightenment.
When harmed I turn the other cheek and be a good person. This is what my mother taught me. I am in service to humanity and even though I am not perfect in any way shape or form I am always willing to help no matter what.
I am always willing to serve anyone even while the daggers are being stuck into my flesh.
At the detriment of myself, my family and my own reputation a great many times.
I chose the monastic way of living and service to humanity at a very young age and do not regret it for a moment. I will do it all again no matter the cost, if even one word that I say can help another soul on their journey here on earth or in the afterlife.
Well, I am honest to admit that most of the time I don’t say it in a sugar-coated way. I am sorry I say it just the way it is, and it’s not well received 99,9% of the time. I have walked a long and arduous path of self-knowledge and I know what I know and am discovering every day more of what I don’t know. BUT I know this attack on the leaders of the Modern Mystery School International / MMS is unfounded and intended to destroy spirituality, to drive people seeking more away from a possible solution and I can NOT condone that!

I heard someone say one day that it is not at all hard to understand a person, it is only hard to listen without bias. This has stuck with me and I have tried to live with this awareness in my mind. What Mark Wilding reporting for Vice, Bernice van Eck, Christa Swart and others have shown me is that you can take your personal drama and create a biased fabrication of truths, half-truth and outright lies and feed it to the world to negate your own discernment and self-responsibility. That anything is acceptable to get revenge because you can’t deal with the choices that you made and don’t have the courage to face. NO this is NOT acceptable. Everything that was reported in this latest article attacking the MMS as a cult and sex club was biased and intended to hurt and slander. If it was only about me, I would have done what I do so many times and just keep quiet BUT this is about my spiritual family. About good men and women that are doing good things in service to humanity. Helping others on so many levels that nobody out there even know about. Are they perfect? By no means! Are they working towards betterment of themselves and others? 24/7!

I have been a professional healer when I found the Modern Mystery School International in 2007. I am truthful if I say I was the biggest sceptic and caused many troubles for my teachers. I asked way too many questions and challenged them constantly. Then I started using the work and everything changed. It created a huge shift in everyone’s lives that I introduced to the work. All the things that I thought I would and could never do became a reality in my life. I kept on training and I met the most amazing family of beings working towards a common goal. Holding the Light. Helping others to become a better version of themselves. Overcoming their own imperfections step by step and growing in awareness, taking responsibility, living empowered lives. People thinking for themselves. People spending huge amounts of money, yes, freely and willingly to empower themselves. To live as Divine Royal Beings governing their own lives. I am a highly intelligent person with many qualifications, and I am NOT brainwashed. In fact, I am the most politically incorrect person and get in trouble all the time, even in the school, for speaking from my heart and not thinking through what I say!
For the most part I do not lightly say things.

I most vehemently detest that my intellect is questioned regarding my discernment about this facility making teachings available to all that by their free will and choice choose to partake of it. Nobody is forced to get the work; everyone comes by their own free will and choice and everyone stays or leaves by their free will and choice. The teachings are available to everyone that chooses to partake of it. I have had students not wanting the work and stepping away and I have had many others that took the teachings and started working with it, changing their whole lives for the better.

Teachings made available by an incredible teacher, even though he can be labelled as weird, for sure he lives outside the box, outside of the box others wish to have everyone stay in! Founder of the MMS, Gudni Gudnason. Always pushing the envelope of the norm. A great humanitarian and a super fantastic human and teacher par excellence. I know this great man personally and for sure he can push my buttons, but always to further my own growth as a human being and Light worker. I know his gorgeous wife and have visited their home. I know a fraction of the sacrifices he has made in his life to bring this work to everyone that wishes to receive it. The long hours he works to bring this to everyone that desires to better themselves, to educate and train others to fight the evil and darkness of the ego inside and out there in the world.

I personally know and have facilitated every member of the Third Order Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome that is falsely accused of all kinds of bullshit. I facilitated them coming into South Africa to bring these teachings to everyone that eagerly took the teachings and is now basing all of their individual work on what they have learned from the MMS on a personal level. These teachers and other instructors have come to SA at great financial loss to each of them in the service that they provided us. They endured many a hardship travelling here, not to talk about our hard-headedness and lack of appreciation once they arrived here! Many a picture posted and others that has never been posted, can show attendance of now disgruntled students willingly and happily joining classes and training for many years. Not forced, not coerced, not brain-washed, no magic tricks played on them, not one class but in most cases decades of classes.

When you go to a restaurant serving bad food you complain and leave never to return. You don’t keep going back for years to eat the bad food and then 10 years later complain about how bad it always was. I am saddened by the fact that fellow South Africans have got such a big part in all the drama. We keep playing to the victim mentality. We are not victims! Nothing is done to us without involving our choice. If you don’t like something don’t keep doing it over and over and over again. That is stupidity, not brainwashing.

Dear Disgruntlars, you have been told so many times in so many ways to clean up your act. You have a history of false accusations, false allegations of rapes, false legal claims (allegedly). Everyone that has ever shared a room with you on your trips knows about your consorts paying your class fees, your sick infatuation with the men in the school. Time to take responsibility for your actions. Stop projecting your stuff onto others. You are harming yourself and these good people that have all tried to help you to become a better person. I have tried selflessly too many a time and even that was distorted in a vengeful way.

Sisters of the YA_YA women-hood let us all take responsibility for our actions. Let us all take hands and take care of ourselves and of the men of the world. Let us create a place that is safe for us all to live in. Let us all clean up our act.

It saddens me the way the chasm between the sexes is still growing. As long as we can point fingers and accuse or even cast a shadow of doubt onto someone else, we will always have this wolf eating away inside of ourselves. We have to lay down the axe with each other. We are all One.

At this time on the planet when we are working hard at anchoring Shamballa, a New Paradigm, a time of peace and acceptance of All, look at your words, deeds and actions.

Have we lost our Spark of Goodness? What is the driving force within that is making us blind to each other’s essence? We have lost the connection with Self. We have lost the recognition of our Divine “sameness”. We have become blind to our purpose alike. There are GOOD MEN out there and these leaders of the MMS being accused of all kinds of things are GOOD MEN. The men in the school are good men that work on themselves. There are only GOOD people in this school, men and women, working at becoming even better.

I stand up for everyone in the Mystery School that is effortlessly working at themselves. Perfect? No not yet but working at it by taking responsibility. Keeping themselves accountable for their mistakes as well as their successes. I am one of the Council of 12 and proud to serve this great Mystery School and its members. Are we a cult? Really? You ask that from someone this outspoken. Read more on this in this amazing article written by Christina LozanoThe Truth about the Modern Mystery School: Cult or Community of Lightworkers?

If you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen my mother would say. If you don’t like to be empowered leave. Find any way that will get you there. I and many others have found this is really the quickest way, albeit the hardest.There are many ways up the mountain. You choose which is correct for you. You have my blessings. Leave everyone else to make that choice for themselves too.

My mother has always said don’t wash your dirty laundry in front of others. I love her for that and for being a true mother!

Disgruntled axe grinders go wash your dirty laundry elsewhere and stop standing in the way of others climbing Mt Everest. It is hard enough to do your inner work without the hindrance of all the shadows and doubt cast by your shit.

Dear Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipssisimus Dave Lanyon, Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome, Divina Eiko Gudnason, Divina Franca Lanyon, Divina Luisa I acknowledge you with all my heart, with gratitude for all your graciousness. I know you all and you will not fight in your own defense. You have my personal love and respect for all you do and bring to this planet.

My name is Rita van den Berg and you can be assured of my allegiance to the Light always.
Like it or not. I have spoken. Aho.

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon


Living a miraculous life in challenging times

Without a doubt this qualifies as an exceptionally challenging time with Covid-19 sweeping across the world. Causing separation, isolation from loved ones & looming economic disaster.

Let's talk about miracles?

Miracles exist and we don't have to look very far to see them. Nature abounds in miracles. Spirit speaks to us in the language of miracles all the time. The cycles of the Moon. The pause between the in and out breath. A gentle wind rustling the leaves   and caressing your skin.

Then again we are too busy most of the time to even notice! 

Most humans are so caught up in survival or accumulation of wealth that they are barely aware of Spirit.

We have lost touch with our true identity & Spirit is trying to reach us in the only way that can force us to listen - our mortality! Did this pandemic come at just the right time to catch our attention? To give us time to stop and breathe and connect! It's time to  go back to Being instead of Doing?

WE ARE ETERNAL BEINGS! We come from the Infinite Cosmos.

We are Creator Gods expressing our divinity in this physical form. We have forgotten this - the greatest secret of all now revealed. We are being forced to STOP, to REMEMBER. To reconnect with our true self. Death to the old patterns and rebirth to the new. Time to contemplate how we are creating our reality. Time to reconvene with our Higher Self. We are indeed God expressing God!

There are no victims on Planet Earth!

We have been given the gift of Life. We are so much more than just the physical body. We are ALL things and when we can fully embody this, we will remember that we are all One. We create our destiny. At a spiritual level all illness, dis-ease, pain, sickness are the language of Spirit telling us where we are out of alignment. What needs to be brought into balance & harmony with who we are? What needs to change? Time to consider that all thought is acted upon, so let's re-direct the fear and panic out there. Let's grow, create and be positive. Be the change we want to see. Stop the evil and take back control. Be Light workers restoring Light to everything.

Evil is just LIVE spelled backwards

Time to reverse the roles! Take your POWER back. It is your birthright. When God is expressed there is beauty, love, goodness, wisdom & power. When we claim our power back we can change the course of history! Bring about Shamballah! Living Life ALIVE! Being in JOY!

Bring the vibrancy of Life back into your existence!
You know best how to do this and what is required. Your innate wisdom knows what will serve you best and bring you JOY. 
Here are a couple of my personal bests:
  • GRATITUDE - for everything, the good, the bad & the ugly.
  • LAUGHTER - mostly at myself & at stupidity.
  • MUSIC - good harmonic vibrations, oldies of yesterday.
  • ANIMALS - my personal zoo, nothing better in life.
  • MOVEMENT - exercise & stretching, cleaning
  • GOOD FOOD - fruit, veggies and lots of smoothies
  • WATER - to drink & to soak in. Wash your hands!

Stay safe and let's get through this healthier and stronger than ever before! Fiat Lux!





Divina Rita is a spiritual teacher who has dedicated her life in finding the modalities that can truly empower people to find their innate power.

She is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon and travels extensively to teach humans how to embody their Divinity. She continues to study hermetic and metaphysical concepts to find new ways to improve well-being of the mind, body and soul. She is an International Instructor in the Modern Mystery School and Founder of Limina Lucem Centre of Excellence. She passionately believes that optimum health comes from aligning the mind & body with Spirit. For more information about the school of advance spiritual training go to or send a mail to



Creating Your Best Life with the Help of a Vision Board

How many of you have asked yourself the question “Is this all there is to this existence?” “There must be more to life than this?”

The Motto in the Modern Mystery School is “Know Thyself”, and there is an ancient system known as the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah that allows us to learn more about ourselves and in so doing come into a deeper connection with our Life’s purpose.  In other words, those questions you might have been asking yourself are often answered.

One of the ways in which we might get a better picture of what we want out of life and what drives or motivates us , is to create a vision board and ask ourselves some of these very questions.  A similar techniques is used in the Kabbalah journey, where we set goals and visions to improve and become more aware of living life alive and consciously.

A Vision Board is a collection of images representing the life you dream of and helping you to manifest this goal. It is designed to open your mind to the endless possibilities of your imagination and to awaken you to creating exactly what you want.  Here are some suggestions about how to go about this Vision Board:

  1. Time: set aside some time to write down what you want from life. After you have asked yourself some questions. Meditate on some ideas and ask many questions to get the ball rolling and then write in no particular order all your ideas/dreams.
  2. Questions: Ask yourself what you would like to be. What you would like to do and what you want to have in your life, or from your life. Think about where you would like to be in 1 years’ time, 5 years’ time, Would you like to learn something new; improve on something that you feel you are lacking in; change some aspects of your nature? What would make life worth living and what would you regard as a great life?
  3. Expand : Elaborate on your ideas. Give it some context and detail, the more the better.

4. Categorise: You could divide your ideas, dreams , desires, wishes into several categories and make one or more boards depending on how detailed you wish to go. General details

  • Travel and adventure
  • Career
  • Health – physical, mental
  • Relationships – family, friends, children
  • Spiritual

Imagination is your best skill so use it and go BIG. There is no limit to your vision.

Find images that correspond to your ideas/dreams/visions using magazines from every and any sources.  You would be surprised as to what you can find when you are focusing in on your best ideas.  The internet is a good source, photos  and even drawings.  Clippings and stock phrases , inspirational words, you name it , anything goes.  If you are elaborating on your ideas remember to put a positive spin on it. And be mindful of your use of words (they are powerful). For example, “I want to lose weight” or “I choose to love and take care of my body and feed it only healthy options”

So now you have some plans and ideas to put together.  Once again the choices are endless and here are a few suggestions.  You can generate a computer vision board or select a poster and paste your images in a meaningful order.  Maybe start with a picture of yourself in the middle?  If no poster board is available then how about taping some A4 pages together or using a cork board or even a pizza box.

Use colour and make it vibrant and alive. 

You can even divide your categories into squares or slices as in a pizza. 

It is time to assemble your vision.  This board can provide you with a tangible point of focus and is a great tool for assisting you in bringing your ideas into reality. Take your time and contemplate what you are putting together, being mindful of your thoughts and words because they create your reality.  

Place your masterpiece in a position that you can see on a daily basis and focus on the images.  Allow yourself to create plans around your images and take action to make it come alive. 

So are you ready to take control of your best Life?  Then get creative.


Brenda Stevens is a Healer, 2nd step Ritual Master and Kabbalist in the Modern Mystery School.

Brenda discovered the Modern Mystery School at a time in her life when she felt stuck and knew that something needed to shift. She received a Life Activation and experienced incredible positive changes in her life,

With 20 years of experience in teaching children and facilitating courses in schools through Family Life, Brenda offers meditation not only for adults but also focuses on bringing meditation and mindfulness to the younger generation to provide them with coping skills for life, which also reduce anxiety and stress. She also hosts MINI Me Yoga, a simple 15 minute yoga and mindfulness program for children.

Brenda can be contacted by email:


7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety by Ilze Louw

by Ilze Louw | Apr 14, 2020 | Healing, Inspiration, Life Lessons, Meditation, Spiritual Growth, Transformation

In this time of uncertainty and stress, I want to share a few things you can do to reduce anxiety. It is okay to feel off-balance but it’s also important to have a self-care routine to utilize when things are getting tough. Water & salt baths (or showers)...

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The FACE in the MIRROR

People with good emotional health have awareness of themselves, they are aware of their thoughts, emotions and feelings. This does not mean a person with good emotional health is always happy! Not at all. Things happen in our lives that affect our mood. Emotional well-being requires a person to maintain a positive sense of self no matter the curve ball life throws at one. Therefore, being less reactive to life’s events and living with a sense of purpose will help stabilize the emotions.


Finding the person inside. I AM...







Getting to Know Yourself means you are willing to STOP and become AWARE of what is PRESENT.

Are you awake and aware?

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