Living a miraculous life in challenging times

Without a doubt this qualifies as an exceptionally challenging time with Covid-19 sweeping across the world. Causing separation, isolation from loved ones & looming economic disaster.

Let's talk about miracles?

Miracles exist and we don't have to look very far to see them. Nature abounds in miracles. Spirit speaks to us in the language of miracles all the time. The cycles of the Moon. The pause between the in and out breath. A gentle wind rustling the leaves   and caressing your skin.

Then again we are too busy most of the time to even notice! 

Most humans are so caught up in survival or accumulation of wealth that they are barely aware of Spirit.

We have lost touch with our true identity & Spirit is trying to reach us in the only way that can force us to listen - our mortality! Did this pandemic come at just the right time to catch our attention? To give us time to stop and breathe and connect! It's time to  go back to Being instead of Doing?

WE ARE ETERNAL BEINGS! We come from the Infinite Cosmos.

We are Creator Gods expressing our divinity in this physical form. We have forgotten this - the greatest secret of all now revealed. We are being forced to STOP, to REMEMBER. To reconnect with our true self. Death to the old patterns and rebirth to the new. Time to contemplate how we are creating our reality. Time to reconvene with our Higher Self. We are indeed God expressing God!

There are no victims on Planet Earth!

We have been given the gift of Life. We are so much more than just the physical body. We are ALL things and when we can fully embody this, we will remember that we are all One. We create our destiny. At a spiritual level all illness, dis-ease, pain, sickness are the language of Spirit telling us where we are out of alignment. What needs to be brought into balance & harmony with who we are? What needs to change? Time to consider that all thought is acted upon, so let's re-direct the fear and panic out there. Let's grow, create and be positive. Be the change we want to see. Stop the evil and take back control. Be Light workers restoring Light to everything.

Evil is just LIVE spelled backwards

Time to reverse the roles! Take your POWER back. It is your birthright. When God is expressed there is beauty, love, goodness, wisdom & power. When we claim our power back we can change the course of history! Bring about Shamballah! Living Life ALIVE! Being in JOY!

Bring the vibrancy of Life back into your existence!
You know best how to do this and what is required. Your innate wisdom knows what will serve you best and bring you JOY. 
Here are a couple of my personal bests:
  • GRATITUDE - for everything, the good, the bad & the ugly.
  • LAUGHTER - mostly at myself & at stupidity.
  • MUSIC - good harmonic vibrations, oldies of yesterday.
  • ANIMALS - my personal zoo, nothing better in life.
  • MOVEMENT - exercise & stretching, cleaning
  • GOOD FOOD - fruit, veggies and lots of smoothies
  • WATER - to drink & to soak in. Wash your hands!

Stay safe and let's get through this healthier and stronger than ever before! Fiat Lux!





Divina Rita is a spiritual teacher who has dedicated her life in finding the modalities that can truly empower people to find their innate power.

She is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon and travels extensively to teach humans how to embody their Divinity. She continues to study hermetic and metaphysical concepts to find new ways to improve well-being of the mind, body and soul. She is an International Instructor in the Modern Mystery School and Founder of Limina Lucem Centre of Excellence. She passionately believes that optimum health comes from aligning the mind & body with Spirit. For more information about the school of advance spiritual training go to or send a mail to



Creating Your Best Life with the Help of a Vision Board

How many of you have asked yourself the question “Is this all there is to this existence?” “There must be more to life than this?”

The Motto in the Modern Mystery School is “Know Thyself”, and there is an ancient system known as the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah that allows us to learn more about ourselves and in so doing come into a deeper connection with our Life’s purpose.  In other words, those questions you might have been asking yourself are often answered.

One of the ways in which we might get a better picture of what we want out of life and what drives or motivates us , is to create a vision board and ask ourselves some of these very questions.  A similar techniques is used in the Kabbalah journey, where we set goals and visions to improve and become more aware of living life alive and consciously.

A Vision Board is a collection of images representing the life you dream of and helping you to manifest this goal. It is designed to open your mind to the endless possibilities of your imagination and to awaken you to creating exactly what you want.  Here are some suggestions about how to go about this Vision Board:

  1. Time: set aside some time to write down what you want from life. After you have asked yourself some questions. Meditate on some ideas and ask many questions to get the ball rolling and then write in no particular order all your ideas/dreams.
  2. Questions: Ask yourself what you would like to be. What you would like to do and what you want to have in your life, or from your life. Think about where you would like to be in 1 years’ time, 5 years’ time, Would you like to learn something new; improve on something that you feel you are lacking in; change some aspects of your nature? What would make life worth living and what would you regard as a great life?
  3. Expand : Elaborate on your ideas. Give it some context and detail, the more the better.

4. Categorise: You could divide your ideas, dreams , desires, wishes into several categories and make one or more boards depending on how detailed you wish to go. General details

  • Travel and adventure
  • Career
  • Health – physical, mental
  • Relationships – family, friends, children
  • Spiritual

Imagination is your best skill so use it and go BIG. There is no limit to your vision.

Find images that correspond to your ideas/dreams/visions using magazines from every and any sources.  You would be surprised as to what you can find when you are focusing in on your best ideas.  The internet is a good source, photos  and even drawings.  Clippings and stock phrases , inspirational words, you name it , anything goes.  If you are elaborating on your ideas remember to put a positive spin on it. And be mindful of your use of words (they are powerful). For example, “I want to lose weight” or “I choose to love and take care of my body and feed it only healthy options”

So now you have some plans and ideas to put together.  Once again the choices are endless and here are a few suggestions.  You can generate a computer vision board or select a poster and paste your images in a meaningful order.  Maybe start with a picture of yourself in the middle?  If no poster board is available then how about taping some A4 pages together or using a cork board or even a pizza box.

Use colour and make it vibrant and alive. 

You can even divide your categories into squares or slices as in a pizza. 

It is time to assemble your vision.  This board can provide you with a tangible point of focus and is a great tool for assisting you in bringing your ideas into reality. Take your time and contemplate what you are putting together, being mindful of your thoughts and words because they create your reality.  

Place your masterpiece in a position that you can see on a daily basis and focus on the images.  Allow yourself to create plans around your images and take action to make it come alive. 

So are you ready to take control of your best Life?  Then get creative.


Brenda Stevens is a Healer, 2nd step Ritual Master and Kabbalist in the Modern Mystery School.

Brenda discovered the Modern Mystery School at a time in her life when she felt stuck and knew that something needed to shift. She received a Life Activation and experienced incredible positive changes in her life,

With 20 years of experience in teaching children and facilitating courses in schools through Family Life, Brenda offers meditation not only for adults but also focuses on bringing meditation and mindfulness to the younger generation to provide them with coping skills for life, which also reduce anxiety and stress. She also hosts MINI Me Yoga, a simple 15 minute yoga and mindfulness program for children.

Brenda can be contacted by email:


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The FACE in the MIRROR

People with good emotional health have awareness of themselves, they are aware of their thoughts, emotions and feelings. This does not mean a person with good emotional health is always happy! Not at all. Things happen in our lives that affect our mood. Emotional well-being requires a person to maintain a positive sense of self no matter the curve ball life throws at one. Therefore, being less reactive to life’s events and living with a sense of purpose will help stabilize the emotions.


Finding the person inside. I AM...







Getting to Know Yourself means you are willing to STOP and become AWARE of what is PRESENT.

Are you awake and aware?

Do you want to be? Take the first step today and contact one of us for a LIFE ACTIVATION.