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Message from Limina Lucem

Dear Initiates in the lineage of King Salomon & Fellow Seekers of the Way!

From the heart of the South African HQ we are sending you loving prayers in this time of trouble and turmoil. We know that things in the country are somewhat challenging right now and that it is just the beginning of trying times.

We would like to remind you that you are not alone and invite you to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the chaos and fear in and around you.

As initiates we have the tools of the lineage to keep us centered and in equilibrium. Our ritual work is now even more important than ever before to assist us in this and bring about a sense of peace and harmony.

Our normal operations in the country, will have to be a little different than usual, at present with the lockdown policies in the country and rightly so. It is important to stay home right now and minimize exposure to the Covid-19 viral load as much as possible.

This is the time to take care of yourself, your family and animals. Get enough rest, exercise and eat healthy. Let us be responsible and make sure our weaker folks are kept safe - the immune compromised, elderly and sick must not be exposed to more than their bodies can cope with.

Use this time to go within, like we have been told throughout the ages, this is where you will find all the answers! You have heard meditation enhances the immune system and scientifically it has been proven to be true! Now we have time to do those things we always find excuses not to do!

Here at HQ we respect the laws of God, the Universe and Nature and the laws of man so our center will be closed until further notice. We will be operating via Zoom/Whatsapp/phone/text to give you whatever emotional support you need whenever possible. We have a team of dedicated Guides in all areas of the country ready to support you should you become distressed or overwhelmed.

At this moment in time no healings or classes will be offered as in our lineage of oral hand down tradition, the teacher and student need to share the same space. Our high initiates will be able to direct you within to find the guidance and answers needed. A very specific high level remote healing could be done in severe cases of life threatening conditions.

Our INT classes like Galactic Activation, Kabbalah & others, as well as our normal classes like Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel & others will be available soonest it is safe for all participants again. Keep checking back on modernmysteryschoolsa.com or liminalucem.co.za for further notifications.

If you are in desperate need for help we have dedicated guides that will be able to assist you accordingly.

Please contact me by any channel available to you and I will get the appropriate help you need to you asap, whether medical, emotional, mental, spiritual or physical.

I will require specifics of your need; area you stay in & tel.nr/email address.

Stay safe, make good choices and take care of yourselves. 

Love and blessings to you all!

Divina Rita

Founder, Director of Limina Lucem Center of Excellence Specializing in Health and Wellness


Member of the Goddess Council of 12

Guardian of the Flame


Whatsapp only +27834578880

Alternative nr texts/voice calls/whatsapp 0814897385

A Message of Inspiration

A Message of Inspiration from the Council of 12

The Council of 12 is a group of 12 women, high-level initiates from all over the world who serve as leadership for the Modern Mystery School. Six women are from Western World countries and six are from Japan and serve in the East. The Council of 12 work directly with the Third Order to execute the directives of the Hierarchy of Light for service to humanity on this earth. The 12 women provide council, confirmation and conference to the members of the Third Order about the various projects and missions of the MMS.

FREE Meditation and Movement Sessions

In this time of social isolation, Limina Lucem is offering free online meditation and movement sessions to assist with calming the mind and creating a more positive perspective of life.

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Dear Friend and Enemy of the MMS Yes I am sad because I feel things need to be said and brought in the open.   Everything that happens to you is the effect of something you have chosen to do or not do, and it might even be an experience that is being given you […]


Modern Mystery School South Africa

Limina Lucem was founded as an alternative Health and Well-Being Centre of Excellence where two worlds meet. Here medical as well as alternative modalities and both the esoteric and metaphysical realms are co-existing in a peaceful setting.
At Limina Lucem we offer you unconventional possibilities through multi-faceted modalities and workshops to really get to KNOW YOURSELF through the Lineage of King Salomon presented by the Modern Mystery School.

Unlocking remembrance that you are the Master, Teacher, Healer of your own destiny. All knowledge can be found inside yourself.

We facilitate the space for you to tap into your potential and make empowered choices about your own life on all levels – emotional, physical and spiritual.
We invite you to enter into this blessed multi-dimensional world of healing and training.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To bring the spark of life force energy back to all existence so we can create a state of true health and abundance for all. Fiat Lux – Let the Light shine!

facilitated by Limina Lucem




A myriad of healings are offered by our team of certified Modern Mystery School healers. A holistic approach is followed focussing on healing mind, body and spirit. Many healings have been practiced for millenia within the  tradition of the Modern Mystery School. Healings like the Life Activation assist with clearing blocks and opening up the individual to live life to their fullest potential. Other healings like the Essential Oil Healing detoxify mind and body. Whilst, the Spark of Life Distance Healing can be done for a client who is at a different location to the healer.

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Initiation is the start of a process that sets forces in motion for your own personal transformation and spiritual journey. Initiation anchors the spiritual energies you are wielding such as light, power and protection into the physical. These energies become readily accessible and will help to support you daily, in the choices that you make and the actions that you take.

Initiation accelerates the process of “Knowing Thyself”, exposing you to your own highest purpose and to the potentialities available to you in your life.

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Classes are presented by certified teachers and guides in the Modern Mystery School. Classes empower attendees with knowledge and tools that enhance their lives. Some classes are pre-requisites to following the initiatory path. All classes impart ancient knowledge that has assisted humanity through the centuries in living better and fuller lives.

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