King Salomon Healing Modality

This modality facilitates a remembering of your Royalty and your true Divine nature

This 10 session series is a universal healing and empowerment modality that works on the energetic bodies of all humans. Each session is a holy ceremony that addresses a specific region and will correct, adjust and rebalance energies that have gone awry due to the stresses of life. The result is a re-remembering and re-alignment of the original blueprint of health and wellness.

This series includes 2 galactic healings that prepare your Adam Kadmon or Merkaba light bodies: the Starseed healing and the Unified Chakra Awakening.

7 ancient healing modalities that work on all levels and bodies, physical, emotional, mental, auric, etheric and dimensional, including a Tree of life healing, Seal of Salomon healing, Tone healing, Aura healing, Exorcism healing, Etheric body healing, Mental body healing and Celestial code etheric reconstruction. This is the hallmark of our tradition and lineage.

The Life Activation, which many people have experienced worldwide, is a pre-requisite for this healing series.