Brenda Stevens

Brenda Stevens, trained in the lineage of King Solomon, a Healer, 2nd step Ritual Master, Kabbalist in the Modern Mystery School.

Passionate about sharing the joy she has achieved through these healings, she is committed to helping others to experience this too. Brenda offers Life Activation (DNA Activation) Ensophic Ray Healings, Aura and chakra Balancing, Crystal healings, Shamanic Baby Blessing and Etheric cord cuttings and more.

Brenda also offers meditation not only for adults but also to the younger generation to provide them with coping skills for life. She also hosts MINI Me Yoga (MMY a simple 15 minute yoga and mindfulness program for children); mindfulness and meditation for pre-schoolers  workshops for parents/teachers. The purpose of which is to empower children.

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