So much has been written about this concept “enlightenment” in every religion, tradition, culture, even philosophies on this planet and never more than at this present moment in time. What is enlightenment after all? Shifting to a higher consciousness of perception and becoming aware of self in a new way; awareness enfolding not just inclusive of your individual consciousness but, all of inner and outer reality. Finding your True Self. Getting to Know Thyself. Being aware of yourself as a unit of all that is. There is a caveat. Enlightenment is not a constant state of being though and that is where the problem lies. It comes and goes, and it doesn’t mean you are ecstatic and blissful forever more. There is a real structural change inside though, a knowing, and your consciousness shifts to a quantum level, but you are still you at the core and you still have choice to play your ego games or go back to sleep. Denying who you are and hiding from the Light within.

Humankind has always been trying to find the answer to the question of who we are since the beginning of time. Walking the path of self-realization is driven by the inner urging of our souls to awaken to our true nature. Even though all the answers are within us, and we don’t need to go anywhere to find the truth of who we are, the busyness of the mind and body prevents us from getting the true realization without preparation and training of the mind and body. Enlightenment is a state that incorporates all human emotions and qualities: love and hate, desire and fear, wisdom and ignorance. This ability to hold all opposites, emotional opposites, all at the same time and being in balance is really the goal of the Hermetic Universal Kabbalah ascensions. The key is to ask the ‘right’ questions to get to the ‘right’ answers and then access the ‘right’ doors or gateways to self-realization. This is fully embracing the Tree of Life inside of us and walking the middle pillar, living life alive!

These are the occult teachings that has been kept true albeit hidden by all the `Mystery Schools’, in the east as well as the west, throughout the ages. Spiritual awareness of ourselves as Divine is our natural state and we have all been experiencing glimpses of that essence of who we are at certain moments in time, and we continuously search for a way to re-capture that remembrance. It is this fleeting moment of Oneness with All that keeps a spiritual aspirant on the spiritual path to the chagrin and vexation of many a family member, loved one and onlooker. Everyone on the path to self-realization has experienced some or other catalyst either of the body, mind or whatever illness or event that brought them into themselves. Following on from all the senses experiences outside of ourselves we are left with an emptiness that nothing can fulfill. We start to acknowledge the impermanence of our emotional states and the unsuccessfulness of the outward search for happiness, deeply questioning our relationships and achievements.

According to Ken Wilber in the book No Boundary: Eastern and Western Approaches to Personal Growth,

“What you are actually doing, whether you know it or not, is drawing a mental line or boundary across the whole field of your experience, and everything on the inside of that boundary you are feeling or calling your ‘self,’ while everything outside that boundary you feel to be ‘not-self.’”

We are conditioned to identify ourselves with the body, mind or emotions and we use how others perceive us as our reference point of who we are. I am sure you know for yourself that these things keep changing and fluctuating throughout our lives, especially with age, so this can never be a true reflection of our boundless and unchanging True Self. It leads us to many a delusion, illusion and is the reason for much suffering. I am not my body. I am not my mind. I am not my emotions. We do follow many “butterfly” roads of fantasy and illusion to come to a place of real knowing.

According to The Dalai Lama, as quoted in An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life,

“Once we finally recognize the suffering state we are in, the all-pervasive suffering that the afflictive emotions such as attachment and anger inflict upon us, we develop a sense of frustration and disgust with our present predicament. This, in turn, nurtures the desire to free ourselves from our present state of mind, the endless cycles of misery and disappointment.”

By questioning the deeper meaning of life we can access one of the gateways of awakening to higher consciousness and our actions can be brought into alignment with finding rapid, authentic spiritual growth. What does this really mean? Raising our vibrational frequency to match that of our Source. Each one of us is a spark and unique expression of the Divine Creator and therefore holds the inner Light of that Source, God! When we tap into that inner light and become still we can expand our consciousness to embrace the light of the Divine. Our true essence is that of infinite possibilities, we are already perfect and the wealth of the Universe is within us, but we tell ourselves that we are imperfect and unworthy of this great abundance.

Our True Self is already perfect and whole and when we can embrace this truth eternal peace is ours. No longer do we need the outside world to fill something that can never be filled by the material. The sages have described its nature as Sat Chit Ananda―existence, consciousness, and bliss absolute. I had the great privilege of attending darshan with the holy mother, Amma, the hugging saint, and was touched by her absolute stillness and boundless love. When asked about the Divine Amma replied:

“It is not possible to adequately put into words the taste of sugar to one who does not know the meaning of the word ‘sweet.’ One has to taste sugar to understand sweetness. Similarly, God is pure experience, beyond the mind and words.”

The True Self is always here, has always been here and will always be here. It is unchangeable, omnipresent! You are an eternal Being, you have never been born and therefore you will never die! The first time I heard these words that is almost like the mantra of the Modern Mystery School, I was touched deeply somewhere inside of my being. It was as if a hidden door was opened, but at the same time something that was always there and I just wasn’t looking to see it. I remember sitting in church as a child, like we always did as a family, two rows from the pulpit, and the words  GOD IS LOVE reached out and touched me deeply and I knew that it was our true nature, something innate in us all.  That it is true, that we have been created in the image of God, so we are love, we are all one! Yet, when I looked at the world and the doings of humans it didn’t make sense that humanity could forget something so powerful and fall into the trap of separateness. You have the DNA of God within, this is the blueprint of who we are. The crown of creation, the beginning of expression of the Divine in the physical and the Kingdom of Spirit embodied in the flesh.

I invite you to feel these beautiful words from Gangaji on the True Self ( “There is a great secret that beings throughout time have announced,
the secret of an extraordinary treasure, the treasure of the nectar of eternal life.
It is the nectar of pure beingness,
recognizing itself as consciousness and overflowing in the love of that recognition.
If you imagine yourself to be located in a body, then you will move that body from place to place, searching for this treasure of nectar.
But, if you will stop all searching right now and tell the truth to yourself, you will know what is known in the core of your bones.
You will know what these great beings knew and attempted to describe. You will know it with no image of it, no concept of it, no thought of it. You will know it as that which has eternally been here.
And you will know it as Yourself.”

This is the time to awaken, the time that has been described by every tradition and prophecy as the time of ascension. The time for bringing heaven to earth, a thousand years of peace, Shamballa, Nirvana and many other names, the quest that will bring us eternal peace, lasting joy and bliss. There are many paths up the mountain and we will all reach the summit. All of us or none of us was indeed the pledge we made. Many paths you will find, and my fervent prayer is that you do, BUT only one True Self awaits you.

The teachings of the Modern Mystery School in the ancient lineage of king Salomon is what kindled my desire to bring this message of hope and joy that I received for myself to share with others. I would lie if I say it is easy, for it is not. The resistance to hearing the truth and the light shining into the darkness of the ego self is strong and fierce. In order to see your true nature you have to be willing to look at yourself, warts and all, and we have been buying into our fears so much it has become the number one scary thing to do. To really see ourselves. As more of us step into the light and awaken to the beauty and goodness within, the light will shine ever more brightly. May the desire inside even the densest human walking this planet, burn more fiercely than the resistance and every flower in God’s garden blossom to the fullness of their own soul. We have a saying in Healers’ Academy – one activation at a time – Activate, Activate, Activate!

The Modern Mystery School has its doors open to anyone that wishes to walk this path towards accelerated spiritual awakening. There are many practitioners that are ready to serve you, guide you towards your own greatness, in just about every country in the world. If you wish to participate in this quest to bring Shamballa back to planet earth, don’t hesitate contact any one of us today or any other time you are ready! Namaste!

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From the pen of Divina Rita

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Divina Rita is passionate about personal empowerment. Her natural abilities and many talents have created huge breakthroughs and healing in many people’s lives, as she continues her life’s passion of empowering people to reclaim their own power and greatness.