The Pentagram, Symbol of Divinity or Evil?

"Too often beautiful things get twisted..."

  Human nature is to fear things we do not understand or things we have been made to believe we should fear. Like the Pentagram. So let’s clear a few things up…

  The pentagram has been used as a spiritual and religious ideogram throughout the world, from the beginning of recorded history. It is a very harmonious symbol, it has 5 points which are connected by 5 equal lines, to make up the symbol of a Star. With a circle around it, it’s more commonly referred to as a pentacle.

  The Pentagram has a mathematical connection to the Golden Ratio, its roots in the Fibonacci sequence. If you draw the perfect pentagram and apply this equation to each line based on its intersecting points, its divisions will give you the ideal ratio of 1.618 also known as Phi. This special number was also referred to in earlier times as the divine means.  It is a formula for symmetrical proportions creating aesthetically pleasing images of beauty and balance. This specific pattern is visible throughout nature, in a flower’s petals, sea shells to the human face. The Grand Architect or Artist at work here – creating perfection. The greatest constructed architectural feats of history which still stand today have their roots in the Golden Ratio. Including the Great Pyramid of Giza(2570BC) and The Acropolis of Athens (468-430BC).

Leonardo da Vinci conceived of a drawing to show the ideal proportions of the human body in relation to the golden ratio. Inspired and then named after a notable Roman Architects writings. The exalted ‘Vitruvian Man’ standing with his legs apart and arms stretched out, create the form of this 5 pointed symbol, in addition to corresponding with a circle superimposed on a square.

  Furthermore; on October 1st, 2004, a planetary alignment of major significance occurred in the heavens. The Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon converged to form the shape of a 5-pointed star. As if this weren’t enough; Venus’s orbit also creates a near perfect pentagram every 8 years, it is known as the Flower of Venus. These are all signs of absolute and universal synthesis.

The Mind and Media

Things aren’t always as they seem, many things that exist on this planet have been misconstrued and their true meaning lost to time. One such thing is the pentagram- it has lost its true essence, significance and power. Nowadays only the initiated understand its genuine symbolism.

We reference from a very limited time-frame, usually only a decade or two, and then truth becomes fictionalised and fiction becomes truth. Take this example of a 2008 survey where 58% of British teenagers thought Sherlock Holmes was a real person. Teenagers can’t imagine life before cell phones, just as earlier generations can’t fathom life before computers.

We are consistently being misled and misinformed by mass media which shapes pop culture. Advertisers use the Golden Ratio to take advantage of its ability to be more appealing, to sway our insatiate consumerism in their favour. While Hollywood delusions create detrimental influences on our children and society, these days being full of sensationalism.

The horror movie genre is one of the biggest reasons for the misappropriation of the pentagram. These days Hollywood is less and less concerned with art and substance. Sacrificing content, originality and creativity in exchange for a quick rinse and repeat cash grab, typically in the form of sequels. Screening in theatres right now is a good example of repetition; Halloween 14. As well in theatres is Black Adam which blatantly uses the symbol of an inverted pentagram to represent the devil.

Many of these types of movies have widely propagated the symbol of the pentagram negatively, so much so, that if anyone sees it they immediately associate it with the devil, evil spells and witchcraft. In my recent observations 8 out of 10 horror films use the inverted pentagram either in the movie or on its poster. Most often because they lack the star power to promote it. Hollywood uses esoteric symbols and concepts and run with it in perverted ways. Lacking creativity in their storylines they try to invoke palpable fear by overtly embellishing the inverted pentagram to evoke reaction.

"That is as unoriginal and perverted as Disney cliches"

  Degrading woman to having to be saved by a Prince or a man.  Which teach our children that all witches are ugly and Princesses look perfect and beautiful.


  This disempowers both sexes, our daughters grow up to believe they need to be saved by a knight on a white horse and can marry only once they find their prince charming. While our sons are made to believe being unattractive makes them less of a man and that they have no chance to win the heart of a woman, unless they are a prince with a castle and riches.

In Relationship with Spirituality

  The pentagram is a symbol of immense power referred to in the teachings of the Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a spiritual path, teaching one to come to ‘Know Thyself’ as an intricate part of heaven on earth.  It explains how the universe works and how to live according to its principles and laws.

  The great Kabbalist Eliphas Levi, described the pentagram as the symbol of the total power of the mind. Moreover, he stated the pentagram expresses the mind’s domination over the 4 elements of creation, with the fifth point representing the Human as Spirit. The overall symbolism of the pentagram illustrates that a higher consciousness reigns over the world of matter, the Divine Man. The pentagram represents a reaching toward the higher self – the beginning of the Great Work.

  It is only in recent time when it began to be used in juxtaposition for a perverted representation of the carnal attributes of our animalistic nature.  In order to corrupt its true significance and refer or allude to the descend of spirit into matter.  A mystical and magical symbol utilized and revered for many ages and in many cultures as a symbol of the unity of all things and the essence of the life force, now demeaned and popularised as a representation of serving evil.

  A beautiful and positive symbol of my spiritual path and that of my lineage; for millennia the chosen sigil of those who have walked this path before me, I must take exception to the inaccurate characterisation of the pentagram as “a five-pointed star associated with satanic rituals”

  We have evidence of the star being used as far back as 3500 BCE initially representing the Goddess Ishtar; the Mesopotamian Goddess of Love. Then it appears in Asia in 4th century BCE as a symbol of Taoism for living in harmony with the 5 elements. Later by ancient Greeks who studied with Pythagoras, so they could recognise each other in a time where many feared death for heresy, as well as using it as a wax seal for their letters. It was used by early Christianity before the cross became its dominant identifier to symbolise the 5 wounds of Jesus. Today it is a symbol for the Baha’i faith and the Serer religion of West Africa. It further appears in its upright form on 2 flags of nations – Morocco and Ethiopia.

  As I walk around in public, I am proud to garnish a pentagram around my neck as a symbol of my divinity and connection to all of life. Next time you see me or someone like me wearing a pentagram, know that I love you and only wish the best for all of humanity, whatever you believe.


Silvio Dominianni is a Guide, Healer and Ritual Master in the Modern Mystery School