Galactic Activation 1

Modern Mystery School Galactic Activation 1

As the consciousness of humanity is rapidly increasing and time seems to be speeding up, we can now access the potential to live as a Galactic Being.

The Modern Mystery School South Africa is providing a Galactic Activation to all those who feel called to connect to this level of cosmic energy. The Galactic Activation is a full two-day workshop, reminding us about living in a new way, running a spiritual business and aligning us with galactic energy. Designed to embody our Divine state of being and manifest our Adam Kadmon Body – something that has been predicted to occur when humanity as a collective is ready to receive it.

This is the full Activation of 24-Strands of our DNA. These 2 strands have remained dormant within us since human beings have been on earth.

The Galactic activation holds the missing keys to move us into alignment with the entire blueprint of our fullest potential. Now is the time to have the long-hidden aspects of who you are AWAKENED!
The Galactic Activation accelerates us into the development of a celestial being, what has been known for centuries as the Adam Kadmon Body. This is an important step in our spiritual progression!
Awakens Quantum Consciousness
Improves the function of the pituitary gland and pineal gland
Enhances living spaces
Improves relationships
Maximises turnover of the spiritually run business
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