Baby Blessing

Gift your Child a Head Start in Life with a Unique…


The Shamanic Baby Blessing was bestowed upon a newborn child for centuries, but has been disregarded following the industrial revolution.  It has been forgotten and therefore is almost unknown in modern society.

In Ancient tribes; a Medicine Woman would preform the birth rite by releasing all ties to past emanations (reincarnations) and remove any residual karma brought forwards which creates negative influences on a child during its life.

The benefits of this blessing will continue to expand throughout the child's entire life.  Minimizing the impact of negativity, peer-pressure, conditioning and societal demands.  It will be an asset throughout difficult times.  

This ancient tool will bring more positivity, creativity and inspiration for posterity,  making it easier to accept the world as it is and to excel on all levels.

It creates a shield of love and light around the child; therefore negative energies in the world cannot reach/touch the child and affect them adversely.

Parents who have given this gift to their children report that being a parent becomes easier, children are almost free from temper tantrums and are able to communicate their needs more clearly from an earlier age.
It is extremely powerful when done at time of birth but can be done up to the age of five.
During this process both parents can participate and share in this powerful blessing and welcoming of the new baby.

“After the baby blessing a lot of random people kept telling me, Your baby is beautiful and is always smiling.”  I did notice something changed, she become much softer and more balanced.” Daniella

“When I first met Rita, I just knew this is what my child needed and I immediately wanted my child to receive this blessing.  I am so happy I did”  Maritza