Living Life Alive



Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it”

Haruki Murakami

Opportunities abound in times of hardship

At this moment in time most people are engrossed in the hardship and suffering going on all around the planet. It is easy to be swept away by the tidal wave of panic and fear. The media is keeping us well informed about the infection rate of populations all over the globe; the death rate is updated moment by moment and as it is rising, so is fear. Many opportunities for doom & gloom! Most of us are in lockdown enforced by our governments or isolation from others, for the good of the whole. This makes for a very interesting study of human behavior and the multitude of patterns of dealing with the emotions elicited. There are several ways of dealing with the inevitable fear for our survival.

Some of us will be crushed by the fear and rendered incapable of moving forward. Self-narcotize, sleep it away, it will be over when we wake up. No it won’t, so get real! This is not good for our general state of well-being and detrimental to our health! Movement is essential!

Some of us will ignore reality and be in a fantasy state of denial, consumed by doubts, plots & conspiracy theories. Again no good for our mental or physical health. Discernment is essential!

Some of us will want to forget about ourselves and focus all our attention on others. Staying busy and focusing only on helping, fixing and saving others so we don’t have to stop and face our Self. Being a good and compassionate person is essential! Self-care is essential!

Some of us will get angry, judgmental, blame and lash out at others. Externalizing and finding fault with the government, doctors, scientists and whatever else that can keep us locked in the rage and denial of our mortality. Anything just so we don’t have to face our own vulnerability. Letting go is essential!

Some of us will just work more. Make hay while the sun is shining. Let’s not waste time! Lockdown, slowdown, resting, even when it is needed, will keep us away from reaching perfection so let’s keep driving. Undeniably the cause of most of our health issues, migraines, headaches, muscle aches, tension, stress, heart attacks. Being instead of doing is essential!

Some of us will choose to be lazy and do nothing, or just eat, watch movies, chill. Leaving the responsibilities to others to carry the burdens. Some of us will fall into melancholy and lament about the good old times, trapped in the past. Some of us will become opinionated and cranky. Not supportive of our mental or physical state at all. Keeping balance and staying centered on the middle pillar is essential!

At its root, each of these coping mechanisms is entrenched in the negative ego. The recognition of our mortality and the possibility of death is creating overwhelm. Recovering our equipoise is essential!.


We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” 

Martin Luther King jnr.

Death is the gatekeeper at the threshold to immortality!

This avoidance of the real emotions we are feeling and not fully experiencing it, is the cause of the negative ego’s face of superficial emotions and reactive behaviors. Most people live their lives avoiding feeling their emotions, it is believed by most to be simply too painful to face what is really there. If I avoid or deny it, then it’s not real. The old adage of “Ignorance is Bliss.” Below the superficial layer of the personal story is a wave of unfelt and unexpressed emotions that is keeping us away from our True Self. Creating distortions, dis-ease and illness. The recognition of the inevitable reality of the situation sweeping over the planet right now is essential. Facing this reality affords us the ability to strip away the illusion. Bringing clarity and death to the negative ego! Purifying the lies and embracing truth.

We are eternal beings, we have never been born and therefore we can never die!

As in a well of deep water, dive deeply with clarity. With speech, mind, and breath stopped, you will discover the real source of the Ego-Self

– Ramona Maharishi

In every moment you have the opportunity to stop and fully experience the negative emotion, then letting it go! The rule of 15 minutes!

When you are willing to let go of the personality, let go of the negative ego fixation, that is when you can fully embody your True self. When you become empty to the personality, when you can silence the mind, that is when you can become free from the entanglements that keep you away from true reality. Stopping the function of the mind that keeps running to the past and the future! Allowing the mind to be present and plunge to the depths of its true Source.

Victory over negative emotions, expectations, attachments, doubts, fear, blame, guilt, shame – death of the personality. Liberation and freedom to the Soul and Spirit. You are an eternal being! You are God. This is your Divine birthright. Are you ready to embrace this Truth?

In the Modern Mystery School, the Lineage of King Salomon the Wise, we are reminded that we are Eternal Beings having a physical experience. Death is a part of Life. It is in our cells and happening in our bodies in every moment. In death there is renewal, rebirth.

On the planet we are going through the death of the old ways and a rebirth into the new. Leaving our old unhealthy behaviors behind, letting them die afford us the opportunity for revitalization, reconnection. When we free ourselves from our mental and physical attachments, our distortions, we have the opportunity to become whole again.

Our True Essence is that of loving-kindness, compassion and goodness. Restoring our divine beauty from within will bring about wholesome well-being. This requires deep insight and understanding that it is difficult to receive love and compassion from others if you are unable to give love and compassion to yourself.

Let go of the distortions of who you are not. Let go of the conditioning of who you think you are. Let go of the expectations of how things should be, ought to be, must be. Let go of the judgments, opinions, criticism of self and others. Let go of the attachments of what you think and what you think you know. Let go of the excuses and playing small. Let go of the unworthiness. Let go of the lump of coal that has formed in and around your heart and let the brilliant diamond shine again with love, reflecting beauty and goodness.

We are not our bodies. We are not our personalities. We are not our minds.

We need to find our way back to understanding our True Self. Embodying our Divinity. Finding our sacred Joy! We have to find the courage and humility to actualize the Supernal Form in which we are fashioned. Adam Kadmon.

Create a New Way of Being. Healing the wounding of our inner child. Letting it grow up as a fully reclaimed sovereign, ready to co-create Shamballa and live the fullness of life.

Are you ready to embrace life by LIVING LIFE FULLY ALIVE? Here are some pointers to make it easier:

1.     Make the mind a single point. The mind that is focused can receive all things. When we are fully present, we can make wiser choices. A master is not someone that is perfect and makes no mistakes; a master is someone that is quickest to recognize their mistakes and return to awareness from where they have been momentarily distracted. Join us for free meditations online during these times of adversity.


2.     Get the body and mind moving and in the flow of the Universe. Nothing that is stagnant can thrive. Play, dance, create, sing, write. There is a Hasidic saying that states: “When you walk across the field with your mind pure and holy, then from all the stones, and all growing things, and all animals, the sparks of their soul come out and cling to you, and then they are purified and become a holy fire in you” Join us for free Chi-Do movement meditations online during this time of restricted movement.


3.     Mindful Breathing – one of the 4 basic needs for our physical existence! Breath moves our chi, ki, prana, mana. Without chi moving it gets stuck and this is the main cause for physical illness. You want to improve your immune system, then breathe. Move the oxygen through all parts of your lungs, especially the bases. This is where atelectasis happens that causes most of the respiratory dangers of the Corona virus. Mindful breathing brings your mind and body into sync with each other. Synthesis of balanced energy and well-being. Breathe deeply to the count of 5, hold your breath for 5, exhale deeply to the count of 5. Repeat. While you are focusing your awareness on breathing deeply, remember to smile at your organs,  and hear them sing!

4.     All healing is self-healing, and this starts with forgiveness of self and others. Rumi writes “Love is the flame that once kindled burns everything away, and only the mystery and journey remains”.

When we forgive, we transcend the pain. We heal the suffering. We clean out the blockages and that hidden lump of coal that has hardened our hearts. Forgiveness of self and others frees up so much energy and rejuvenates all the cells. We know that all immunity resides in the heart primarily. The heart is so much more than just the pump that keeps us alive. Seated in the heart chakra is all love, all healing, all well-being. Join us for Sanctuary meditation to connect with your Higher Self and start this heart opening process

5.     Find JOY in the things you

Unlike happiness that comes and goes, that wanes in adverse
conditions, Joy is a state of being and is inherent in our DNA. Without JOY our
lives will have no purpose, without purpose our lives will not reflect JOY. Do
something that you love today. Only you know what that is. In this time when
everyone professes to be a specialist about everything that is good for
everyone else – you know YOU the best!
Trust yourself!

Aesop writes: “Gratitude turns what we have into enough 

6.     Start a gratitude journal! Think of anything and everything you have and if even one being on earth lacks this, you have something to be grateful for. We progress and evolve when we desire no more, when we know that we are unlimited potential. All the power that ever was or will be is here NOW! When we can acknowledge where we come from and know where we are going. In this time of turmoil, let’s be still and know that we are God in Becoming. I Am That I Am. We have so much to be grateful for.

 Please enjoy with me

 Stay safe, find JOY in the things you love and be well till we meet again!

 Written from LIMINA LUCEM just for you in this time of adversity, to remind you that you have everything you need within yourself. 


Divina Rita is a spiritual teacher who has dedicated her life in finding the modalities that can truly empower people to find their innate power.

She is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon and travels extensively to teach humans how to embody their Divinity. She continues to study hermetic and metaphysical concepts to find new ways to improve well-being of the mind, body and soul. She is an International Instructor in the Modern Mystery School and Founder of Limina Lucem Centre of Excellence. She passionately believes that optimum health comes from aligning the mind & body with Spirit. For more information about the school of advance spiritual training go to or send a mail to

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