From the pen of Divina Rita


In defining empowerment let’s take a look at the Oxford Dictionary that describes it as:

  1. authority or power given to someone to do something.
  2. the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.
  3. ​the act of giving somebody more control over their own life or the situation they are in.

According to Wikipedia empowerment is the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities.


Empowerment enables people and communities to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. This is equally important to every man, woman and child in todays’ life. The Modern Mystery School (MMS) is a school of empowerment. It facilitates the teachings of the ancient path of metaphysical and spiritual traditions and the Hermetic principles that has been handed down in an oral hand down format from the mouth of the teacher to the ear of the student for thousands of years. It teaches about the conditioning that humans have fallen victim to and how to overcome that state and be victorious. To take back one’s power by getting to Know Thyself. It’s about rediscovering your true nature and then honing your skills to sharpen your gifts and strengths. To overcome the challenges and excel at the skills of living life alive. Finding goodness and beauty in everything you experience. To base your choices on knowledge gained from direct experience and then discerning which results to retain, reproduce or redirect and transmute to bring the desired results into your daily life.

Empowerment is the art of self-determination. It is essential for growth and taking control of one’s life. To bring about the best for ourselves in every moment. Without self-empowerment we are like a candle blowing in the wind. We are at the whim of everyone and everything that comes along on our way. Self-empowerment gives you the moral compass to live your life by and to create your experiences according to your own desires. It gives direction to every facet of our lives, relationships, careers and achievements. It shapes our successes as well as celebrates our failures. Evaluating one’s mistakes and having the courage to turn them into one’s greatest strengths and this is what progression is all about. It takes us from victimhood to the hero’s journey.

Have a look at the many faces of empowerment!

There are much talk out there in the world about empowerment and predominantly in the workplace. It has become a marketing tool for better performance of employees and increased productivity of companies. It has become an accepted model for better utility of human resources. It is also linked to the gender issues around equality and under the banner of feminism it is promoted to bring more power to women. Used by minority groups to demand equal and better rights. Condoning slaughter and disrespect of human lives to get ahead and gain for self. It has become more about power relations between men, women, institutions and laws.

This is not the spiritual focus of empowerment at all. It is a concept that is equally important for every human on this planet and not for one gender, group or faction exclusively to another. It is about working together to create the societal shift that is required for every human to take their rightful place on this planet and to contribute to the growth and upliftment of All. It is to overcome the conditioning that we are accepting as the norm. The so-called norm has us believing that a woman can do everything a man can, that a man should do everything a woman can and that children should be seen and not heard. That everyone should be equal regardless of effort and experience. That diversity and uniqueness is something to be feared and therefore eradicated by any means. That it needs a label to give it validation. That it can’t stand in its own light and essence but has to be qualified, to be venerated.

In fact empowerment is about the permission authorized for everyone to express their unique and special essence. Inspiring everyone to reach their full potential. To stand in the light of the noon day sun and not cast any shadows. It is encouragement to find all parts of yourself and be whole again. There is a simple universal principle that everything in the Universe wants to be accepted, loved, appreciated and included. So in order for us to become whole we have to integrate all aspects of self. Embodying, developing and embracing all aspects of who we are as fully as possible in our daily lives. That means our animal (physical), human (emotional and mental) and our spiritual (Divine) selves. Most of us are good at accepting one part of ourself and not so good at the other parts. The fact is if we are identified with one polarity, life will frequently push us towards the opposite.

The physical world is a plane of duality. Life is trying to teach us to open the doors to all parts of ourselves. The ones we are comfortable with as well as those we are trying to hide from. One person might be comfortable in a leadership role and unable to accept a secondary position, another might choose to stay safe in the middle, afraid to explore the extremes. In the MMS we find all the tools to open the doors to all parts of ourselves. To own who you are and who you are not. To eradicate ignorance and create a world of sharing. A world that finds value in Knowing Thyself. Knowledge of your true nature and that includes full acknowledgment of all your vices as well as virtues. How much more beneficial it will be to know the whole spectrum of our being? It all starts with the 22 strand Life Activation. This tool of transformation is what kick starts change on all levels.

It is also what can be quite scary as it wakes up everything that is dormant inside and starts the process of awakening the inner state of enlightenment.                                                                                                  

EMPOWER THYSELF!                                                       

Everything you need is already inside of yourself. Throughout all the ages all the poets, mystics and writers have been telling us thus. How do we find this that is hidden inside? Many people are afraid of doing emotional healing work. Throughout time we have been fearful of getting stuck in our deepest feelings and emotions. There are so many distortions of reality out there, even psychotherapy has a bad rap, let alone any self-help modalities. The world of social media and the internet has become the self-help guru of so many people and the opinions out there does not make it correct. In fact it is stripping away the validity of personal power and it leads to a lack of discernment. It seems that it is easier to call those that focus on empowerment a cult than to give them any credit for changing consciousness. It seems that anything that is triggering an emotion in someone is out there as truth for everyone else. What is a cult anyhow? An informative and unbiased article written by Christina Lozano explains in detail.

The matrix of this world is built on the fabrication of so many opinions, judgments, fears and projections that it is increasingly impossible for anyone out there to know anything, let alone Know Thyself. The fact is though that if we move into our own healing process at our own pace, with the right support, it is not nearly as frightening as we might fear. As more and more people start moving towards their own inner enlightenment, society will inevitably move along the same path. Like with any great movement, it takes time to grow, to ease into the lives of all people. In the momentum that is gaining there are a lot of pitfalls to watch out for. Those that are comfortable in their old ways will do everything in their power to sabotage this process of transformation in the lives of people opening their hearts and contributing to a new paradigm. A new way of living and being, living from the heart and bringing about a possible world of peace and harmony with All. The end to not only human suffering, but all suffering. A world where all sentient beings can live as One. Where respect and sacredness of this great human experience is restored. In ancient times it was so much easier to live a simple life. It was natural to be connected to Nature, the Universal energy and the community. In the modern age there are so many distractions and demands on our time and energy and it is easy to forget our natural connection with everyone and everything else. The kingdom of Spirit is embodied in our flesh. Living life alive and making the most of our physical experience.

Living an empowered life – what does it look like?


In our daily lives the mind is going at many miles a minute. In order to even begin to make sense of this existence we have to slow the mind down, to clear it of the busy-ness. Meditation has now become somewhat more acceptable and it is essential in the process of quieting the mind and living an empowered life. Spirituality is fundamentally the path of communion with a greater power than the human self and meditation assists with this process. It helps to elevate our consciousness to connect with that power which is hidden within us, just waiting to be set free. Meditation can take many forms from sitting in zazen to a walk in Nature, creating beautiful poetry to a culinary feast, breathing in and breathing out. Whatever resonates best with you is what you should focus on. Stopping the monkey mind and returning to the quiet pond within.


Prayer is seen as a powerful method of creating miracles. It is used as a ritual of spiritual practice in many walks of life and not just in formal religion. By praying for self and others we acknowledge that we are an intricate web of interactive intelligences not unlike the worldwide web. Working towards the greater good. Using prayer and ritual in this way can assist us to get past our thoughts of separation and help heal the human condition. As we get to know ourselves through spiritual exploration we come to the understanding why we feel so empty and lonely, driven by our sense of lack, of not being good enough or worthy. Underlying all of our human behaviours and actions is the stark reality of fear. When we perform rituals and ceremonies to celebrate the powers of the Universe we restore the appearance of things, we clear out the illusion we are trapped in. Fear is what limits our ability to manifest, to live to our fullest potential. Ritual, prayer and ceremony is a sacred tool that reconfigures the mind. Bringing the lower mind in alignment with the Higher mind.


The negative ego is everything that keeps you from reaching your highest potential. Everything that is keeping you in fear and limitation. Bliss is closer than you can imagine; it brings total liberation and requires only one thing – that you die to the old and become free, to be anew. We have become trapped in this fast food adage of instant gratification and this is to our disadvantage. We need to slow down, become empty and go back to neutral to connect with our true self, then the inner wisdom will be revealed. Impatience wants to rush everything to fruition. Patience and tolerance is what is needed for the natural flow of events to unfold. Herein lies a challenge for many a person seeking to find the answers from within. Impatience hurries us into settling for mediocrity. Tolerance, perseverance and humility is what is required to reclaim our crowns as masters of our Universe. In the MMS we often talk about royalty, about dethroned sovereigns reclaiming our crowns. This is the attitude that is required to live an empowered life. To create change from the old into something new and desirable.


The purpose of empowerment is to reach your highest potential in this physical existence, in other words to facilitate growth. For yourself and for others. What might be the pre-requisite for growth? Assisting and lending a helping hand to others to find their highest potential too. A concept that is called service in the MMS. The greatest service you can do is to awaken to your true Nature and then paying it forward and guiding others to awaken to their true essence too. You are prosperous to the degree that you give back to the Universe, to humanity. Nowhere have I read that abundance will fall from the sky. By the sweat of your brow Gen 3:19. Using your tools, gifts and skill will ensure your growth and sharing in the plenty of the world. Using your will, lets call it motivation or drive for now. Using the authority given to you to do something and become stronger and in control of managing your life to create change. By your efforts you will be rewarded.

The secret for gratification, satisfaction or fulfilment – finding pleasure in what you do! Having joy! This is what is needed to grow, to continue going, living life in an empowered way. Raising your vibrational frequency to higher and higher states of being. In the MMS there is a path of progression that you can follow. An accelerated path of spiritual advancement. Nothing in this Universe is stagnant. Movement is the universal law – everything is perpetually in motion. It requires effort and action, scientists have shown that time only has forward motion. We need to keep moving forward too, that is progression. The secret of creation and manifestation.


The true meaning of these words are lost to those that equate it to money and possessions. It is so much more than that. All the power and energy of the whole Universe resides within you, so says the spiritual philosopher Anon. Prosperity is all about what you think, the quality of your thoughts and what you put into action from those thoughts – the words and deeds. It is unfortunate that in the world there is a mentality of envy, entitlement and greed. Those that have the secret of manifestation and do not put it to good use and for the greater good tend to want even more, to hoard and gather. Those that have lack wants to take or receive from those that have more.

Prosperity and abundance is a mindset. I have worked with both the rich and the poor in all walks of life. From my perception it is far better to be happy and in joy and to flow than gather and hoard and stagnate. The word abundance comes from the Latin abunda-re – to overflow and prosperity from prospera-re – to render fortunate. Abundance is a state of mind and prosperity is the result of how that mind flows. What you focus on is what you will get. Make sure your life is overflowing with good fortune. One of the best classes I attended in the Life Academy facilitated by the MMS was wealth building. So many gold nuggets that changed my perception of money and brought clarity around the spiritual energy of money. I too always believed that as a spiritual being everything spiritual should be free. This is so not in alignment with the laws of the universe and the law of exchange.

In my personal life I have found that those I served for free had no value for what they received. In fact those that I made extra effort with and made sure that they received all the tools of empowerment, regardless of their own non-contribution, are the same ones that desecrate and insult it. That never put it in practice, never found use for it but that turned around betrayed, and still accuse, backstab and slander. We live in a world of extreme materialism filled with greed, afflictions of attachment and debauchery. A world of corruption, immorality and shamelessness. The tools of the MMS is the antidote to the licentiousness and it is such a shame that the nature of wickedness of the few that aren’t prepared to stand and face their own shadows cast a disparaging light on something so liberating. The shamelessness of the nameless, the adulterous ‘suffering’ partners operating from eternal false promises and the anonymous victims of mental disorders that are like screaming children amongst a room full of adults, screaming for attention, yearning for the light but turning a blind eye from it for fear of the enlightenment.


Have you ever felt like there must be more to life than what you see on the surface? I for sure have! It is time to awaken from auto-pilot mode. Time to pierce through the illusion, the maya of life. In this world filled with violence and death, destruction and suffering, the sanctity of life is evident in the smallest act of loving kindness and compassion. Finding purpose and meaning in life is found in the clearing out of our selfish concepts of living only for ourselves. We are not separate from each other. There is truth in the oneness of all, even science tell us that in the human genome studies 99.9% of the more than 3.1 billion human nucleotides are identical and shared between any two people anywhere in the world according to Howard University.

There is a legend that at the end of live as we know it we will be asked two questions before entering the afterlife. 1. Did you find joy? 2. Did you bring joy to others? Ultimately your life purpose is to become the best version of yourself and be a compassionate and loving human while having joy in the experience. If it was true what all spiritual teachings relate that we are one then it means it is our purpose to assist everyone else to become this too. The path of progression in the MMS affords one the opportunity to do exactly that. Find the keys for yourself and then through living it and coming to understand it, through direct experience putting it into service to everyone else. Taking the tools of magick and bringing it into practical application – turning water into wine!

If you wish to empower yourself find a practitioner near you and set a date for a life Activation and Empower Thyself.

This is a school that is ethical in bringing the tools of empowerment to everyone that chooses to do the work required, in a safe and trustworthy way.

Meet you on top of the mountain in this dimension or another!

Divina Rita is an International Instructor in the Modern Mystery School and Founder and Director of Limina Lucem.