Silvio Dominianni

Silvio has spent his life seeking truth and knowledge.
After many years of being a Pipe Holder and Apprentice of the Deer Tribe; a shamanic tradition in lineage of the Twisted Hairs. He followed his teacher’s advice to walk another path, to braid the knowledge like a rope, to create true wisdom that all paths lead to one place.

This led him to the doors of the Modern Mystery School; where with Divine guidance he decided to enter. Walking a path of High Magick to bridge it with that he already learned. To perhaps unravel the axioms ‘As above, so Below’ and what it truly means to “Know Thyself.”

Delving into the healing Arts of the King Salomon lineage. He has found real reward is of being in service to others; through his initiations and study as a Certified Guide, Healer and Life Activation Practitioner in the Lineage of King Salomon. As a part of the Modern Mystery School, he has helped countless others so they may find there life’s purpose. So they may walk a life filled with beauty; joy, hope, and happiness; coming to know themselves as who they really are; LOVE. GREATNESS. UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

We are all in this together. Peace

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