The Drug Detox and Re-configuration was hands down the best investment I have ever made in myself.
There were issues I was struggling with that I had just resigned myself to, thinking ‘this is just the way things are for me’.
I never thought the possibility actually existed for me to heal from these very deep-rooted, painful, sticky patterns and trauma after all the work I had already done to try and heal up to this point. This was my breakthrough.
I feel so light, free and excited for the first time…I think ever (I cant remember actually ever feeling like this)
I cannot recommend this modality highly enough. Thank you! Words cannot express how grateful I am! 
Spiritual detox & reconfiguration

The healing treatment was WOW! I felt expanded to new dimensions. It was powerful, yet concise, simultaneously. I felt cleansed on all levels and my body was cleansed and purified for a long time after each session.


King Salmon Healing Modality

I felt energy surging through my legs and feet and could feel deep roots growing into the Universe. I could feel Rita’s chanting all around me and my body was split open and a bright light from within was revealed. The light surrounded me and I felt like Moses when God told him what his mission was. I look forward to this beautiful, glorious life with new hope.


Full Spirit Activation

During the time of the LA I felt like a column of bright light was built in my central core. the left side was like bright stone and the right side like gold and light was flowing from bottom to top. I felt so supported.



The LA was a wonderful experience. It is hard to describe in words. I felt like shedding blockages and connected to my soul. exciting new things to come!


Life Activation

My experience of the Life Activation I received from Divina Rita emphasised some of the things I have been avoiding in my life. I feel a huge sense of responsibility and pray for guidance  to follow the right path for me. I am ready to start afresh and achieve great things on this planet.