It is the nature of the mind to resist the Light coming in. To blame, to justify, to rationalize, to project rather than stand in the noon day sun that casts no shadow.


What you put out is what will return to you in some way, shape or form. This is a well-known law of the Universe, although we are all in much denial about it. We are just not willing to connect the dots, to see the bigger picture of what we create and yes, no doubt whatsoever, we create it all. Either by our actions or inactions. In the Mystery School we teach that every thought is acted upon, if not by you then by whomever of that specific vibrational frequency, that grabs hold of it from the collective consciousness and gives it a life of its own. We are responsible for our thoughts and therefore every action that follows from it. When we forget this truth, it creates much suffering in our lives. The origin of suffering is always found at our own front door, and it won’t cease until the causes are eliminated.

Lao Tzu is correct in reminding us that from our thoughts we shape our destiny. Have you ever complained about the things that happen to you? Have you ever felt that the world is unfair in the measure dealt to you? Have you ever ranted and raved about anything? Have you ever complained about the ‘unfairness of life’ and how you don’t deserve what is happening to you?

Oh yes, for sure! If we are really willing to tell ourselves the truth, we have all thought this way at some time! Have you ever made it about they/them doing this to me? We just don’t connect the dots!

An ancient Kurdish proverb warns us to not throw the arrow which will return to us!

Inside our skulls we have this beautiful organ comprised of two hemispheres. Yes, this is universally true for every one of us in the human race. These two hemispheres have different characteristics, and they play a dynamic role in our daily life experiences. The goal is for these two to work in tandem and promote a release of our highest potential, but in fact the one will always inhibit the other. How do we get them to work together if their design is to oppose each other? This becomes possible if we understand that even if they process the same sensory information, they each have a different method of handling the information they receive.

The left hemisphere of the brain is the logical one that analyzes, views and maps everything in a logical step-by-step approach. It has a linear and sequential approach to life. It assists us to make statements, verbalize and draw conclusions, strategic planning and plotting as a way of knowing and learning.

The right hemisphere on the other hand, deals with imagery, ideas, dreams and metaphors by tapping into our intuition. No logic here, just intuitive, subjective, creative imagination.

Something imagined is not unreal, but simply a perceiving of the imagining faculty of the brain, having a source, but often unidentified. Enabling the mind to create images and scenes associated with our thoughts and images.

Herein lies our greatest strength and at the same time our greatest challenge.

Paracelsus writes that intuition is to reveal ideas, images and pictures that then has to be tested and proven by experience. Intuition without experience allows the mind to fall into an abyss of speculation without adequate censorship, potential illusion and conjecture.

In the dark of night even your pillow can seem to be an alien force ready to attack you, suffocate you.

It is a known technique in NLP modalities that from a seed thought planted in the subtle mind, an image can begin to grow and even increase in energy on its own. This can be used with great success for good and yet our mind has this natural ability to do it to the detriment of ourselves creating false personas, veils, masks, illusion and fantasy. Many a person have found themselves lost in this trap, forgotten their true nature, sadly this is the state where we as humanity find ourselves.


The symbols and images associated with the Tree of Life are tools for opening the doorways to the more subtle realms without losing our way. Positive guided imagery and symbols are derived from archetypes, the manifesting energies of the world, and they assist us in merging our finite mind with the infinite mind of the Universe. In our modern day we have lost our connection to empowering archetypes for the greater part, yet it is so important to understand the relationship between the archetypal forces of the universe and the symbols and images that bridges them into our daily lives to bring about a magickal existence. The proper use of imagery is crucial to create the desired life one yearns for and that is why the Tree of Life plays such an invaluable role in unfolding our dormant DNA and reaching our highest potential. All the masks, illusions, delusions are keeping us away from embracing our true essence. The path home to our divine nature is getting to Know Thyself and the study of Kabbalah provide the tools for working with all the forces to bring about the ‘as within so without’ transformation. The fire burning away the falsities and illusions, overcoming and eliminating suffering.


For every suffering there is a root cause. Every day is followed by night – every night by day! Have you ever had the sensation of a great longing? Something that triggers this feeling inside of yourself that makes you forget reality. Maybe even elicit some tears. You remember a pain bittersweet. Nothing in this world happens without a cause. Every individual attracts to themselves such forces and circumstances as they earn or deserve by their own conduct. When we can see how things exist in space and how all the parts make up the whole then we can start to truly recreate our reality. When we are able to direct, control and manage all our inner energies we can direct the movement of energy within ourselves and our lives. When we can do this consciously and with full responsibility then we can make sure those energies work for us. This is the principle of self-mastery.

Victim vs Victor.

It is so easy to manipulate what we tell ourselves. It is so easy to fall prey to our mind and the illusions we create for ourselves. Our natural state likes to believe the stories we create and how we create stories! Have you ever told a story and the more times you relate it the more believable it becomes? Have you ever told an imaginary fabricated story and repeated it often enough in your mind and to others that it became your reality? 

There are so many examples of that in life and on social media. Everything dished up as truth and all from a lie, wishful thinking or misrepresentation of the truth! Well, if that wasn’t so easy maybe there would be less confusion on social media and in the press at large. There is so much confusion because the mind can be tricked into believing anything depending on which side you approach it from.

Someone ‘escaping from a cult’ might think they are victorious and now know the whole truth while just a short period before, they were ‘living their dream life’ while in the ‘cult’, so what changed? Might it be only the perception created in the mind and the story line that changed? Might it be the emotional rollercoaster of the moment? We are victim to our minds and the whims of our emotions at best. Everything is distorted and disturbed through the involvement of man’s mind and emotions. We live a tightrope of experiences and what is good today is poison tomorrow. This is true not just in the physical world but also for the spiritual experiences. Just a few short years ago yoga, meditation, tarot readings were rated an abomination and taboo and now it’s all considered as essential tools of transformation.

In order to live in a balanced and conscious way we need to learn how to work with both sides of our brain. This requires hemispheric synchronization – using the left brain in conjunction with right brain awareness of images and symbols to ensure safe and balanced levels of perception and consciousness. Moving into a new way of processing information, a pivotal mental shift and the ability to discern from the higher mind, our true intuitive higher self. Our Higher Self has only our best interest at heart and is not swayed by our emotions. When we begin to see underlying patterns in our own behaviors, we have the ability to access limitless potential and manifest greatness in our daily lives.

When we walk the path of self-discovery and we are willing and able to tell ourselves the honest truth about what we discover about ourselves, this awakens a great deal of fear that can encumber the imagination and block the flow of energies. We have the option of either standing in the fire and seeing the truth about ourselves or we can run, project or blame it onto others. Often when the Light comes in to reveal what is hidden it is overwhelming to the unbalanced mind.  The victim refuses to stand in the light of illumination and chooses to descend back into the shadow side of self. The victory lies in overcoming the fears by facing it head on. No action can be performed without

energy, and in accordance with how we channel this crucial resource, our entire life is affected – physical, psychic, emotional and mental.

Situations will arise that test our stamina, endurance and dedication to our own enlightenment. That will require greater courage, resilience and self-mastery.  Occurrences will demand us to either be independent and stand in our power or be victim to our circumstances and shadow selves. This is all dependent on the choices that we make. Our choices will reflect our mastery or lack thereof. The law of attraction endorses the human acceptance of personal responsibility. The more often we play victim the easier it becomes and so subtlety that we believe we have been victorious. The anger of all the ages accumulated in the sea of collective consciousness is available to each person who becomes angry and the same goes for victimhood. Opening the doorways of your inner life to a tidal wave of discordant energies ready to devour you.

Narcissism vs Self-mastery

Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification stemming from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own idealised self-image and attributes. Something apparently virtuous can lead to your downfall when the motive comes from the wrong incentive, having an agenda or being a victim. The sure recipe for self-sabotage. A self-centredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects or events is a definite feature of the mental disorder of humanity. Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration and attention, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism and a sense of entitlement. Contrary to the Will to Good, arising from man’s egotism and personal will, causing separation from the root cause stemming from ignorance. Negative and destructive energies incompatible with good and virtuous, causing confusion, tension and obstruction of flow. The moment we step out of integrity we are mentally and emotionally giving power to negative energies, chaos and conflict in our lives.

Wisdom is a uniting power, whilst ignorance a separating force.

Self-mastery allows man to align personal will with the Will to Good, the Will of God. Virtue attracting the virtuous, the good of God invoked into the likeness of one’s life. Humans are creators of their own experiences and particularly in terms of imagination, generating energies by setting the mind in motion, setting forces in action by thought, deed, emotion and word. Once a destructive attitude is set in motion in your life, it gradually starts to devour your being and will grow exponentially to the attention given to it. Truth and honesty is required to dispel the kind of darkness of self-grasping ignorance that obstructs the Light and prevent it from shining onto our shadows. When we can overcome our negative attitudes, our attachments, ignorance, anger, deluded doubts and wrong views, only then can we really be victorious. Only then can we eliminate our suffering and be liberated and free from the cyclical misconceptions of who we are not – embracing and embodying who we are!

Then we can truly survey our personality and see what needs to be thrown away, let go of, and what needs to be salvaged. Cleansing, banishing and balancing ourselves from within and our environment without. Then we can overcome the human experience of limitation and separation and become one with the essential spiritual oneness and limitlessness. This physical existence is not easy and it is challenging to see the wood for the trees at times. In the tradition of the mystery school and the Lineage of King Salomon you are responsible for what you create. You are responsible for your own energy, for your thoughts and words and deeds. Everything begins and ends with you taking responsibility. Don’t look at others for validation, acceptance, direction, healing or to redeem you. It is all an inside job. You have to go within to find your answers, to discern for yourself. All healing is self-healing and it starts with forgiveness. To forgive is to move, to progress, to shift and transform. If you are ready to confront your inner demons and wish to Know Thyself find a practitioner close to you and start the journey to ‘grab the serpent of wisdom by the neck’ as the teacher and mystic Rudolph Steiner said.

From the pen of Divina Rita

Limina Lucem Wellness Centre
130 Boeing Rd East, Bedfordview

Divina Rita is passionate about personal empowerment. Her natural abilities and many talents have created huge breakthroughs and healing in many people’s lives, as she continues her life’s passion of empowering people to reclaim their own power and greatness.