My Purpose In Life Is To Be The Catalyst To Transformation

Please join me for a cup of tea today. Thank you for your visit.
Let me be very honest it is hard to keep quiet and even harder to speak out. Over the past week I have spoken out after years of silence. Silence NOT because I am ashamed or feeling guilty as I have been so “eloquently taken to task”. Spoken out! Not coming out in defense to others – spoken truth for myself and yes, maybe the hundreds of others that are silently doing their unique part in the tapestry of life.
Quiet because I have been keeping my head down doing what I do best. Working. Serving.
Working at being present and the task at hand in that moment. Fighting the good fight. Being a good person. Alleviating pain and hurt of others. Saving lives, yes literally and energetically. Teaching and empowering those that haven’t yet found their voice in the world.
I have allowed the small pests to destroy my garden. Small foxes ruining my vineyard! I so hate the use of pesticides that I have neglected the use of growing symphathetic plants to counteract the rot. I haven’t “worked at my public image” as I have been told I should have done and am told I must do now. I haven’t spoken to the rumours behind my back. The oozing out of other’s lack of integrity. The audacity of the disgruntled cowards that come and poison those trying to find empowerment for themselves. No, I haven’t focused on making a public figure of myself, building an empire on lies and fprotecting my reputation from alse claims. No, I haven’t made false accusations, dubious law suits and paraded myself as a saint. No I have’t been writing articles with bad intentions. Smeared others behind their backs. No, I haven’t been taking a rest even during the Covid pandemic.
I have been working with real people. Real tragedies. Real suffering. I have believed that my good deeds will speak for themselves. No, I have very seldom been taking great pictures of myself doing this. I hate the camera about as much as it hates me. No, I am not photogenic and flirt with a camera to swoon others. I am the one botching all the pictures taken at events. LOL, I remember many a MMS picture taken that had to be deleted, “lost to the matrix”. I do have good ones though, because of the wonderful people in it being real, great memories of grand times. Thank you to everyone posting all of them. I remember you!
I am standing proud in this lineage and if I am now disappointing the image you have had of me so much the woe to you. You had me wrong. This is me. Not perfect in any way but what you see is what you get and never fake. I have been judged for many things. The list is too long to regale. Do I like being judged? No. Thank you Ipsissimus Dave for telling me so many a time to stand tall while being judged by my peers, friends and enemies. To stand in my power and not hide. How well it serves me now. How I treasure all those teachings that I have received in this great school. The Modern Mystery School International has great tools of empowerment as you most certainly have seen all the good men and women standing up and reporting.
Over the years I have been teaching even to those that came to the MMS classes I present, with lots of opinions and judgments. Of course, some were their own negative egos screaming and projecting. Of course some knew about the gossip, rumours and false allegations. Of course some came to “check out” if we were really a cult, whether I have horns or am a witch. Some decided for themselves and gave the work the benefit of the doubt with great effect in their lives. I am so proud of you that stayed despite my flaws and inadequacies bringing the work to you.
Many have reported on their personal transformation. So many great testimonies that I received that I could post. Some walked away even before or after initiation. I do respect everyone’s decisions. I respect you for having different viewpoints. Taking a different path up the mountain. I have never hounded you, bad mouthed you or threatened you. I know we will meet again at the summit. I love diversity. I love the Nelson Mandela belief in the Rainbow Nation and extend it to the world. I believe everyone has free will and choice. Wow, that is what we teach from the first initiation at Empower Thyself. Choice!
If this was a cult we would not be teaching about empowerment. One would not have choice. If we were brain-washing people, I missed that whole section of teachings. Damn I could make mega bucks doing that. I am curious though – how did these great people spewing at the school of empowerment break the cycle of their brain-washing? Was it by being “stripped”? Oh no, I must be wrong because I know some have never had themselves “stripped” from their initiations. Maybe why they are such powerful and upstanding “saintly” people.
Maybe it comes from tearing down the value of sacred ceremonies and rituals? Or is it only because of the magic spells and charms that they are performing? Some brave soul even shared with me how she was witness to the story of the sex magic that was done to entice the victim of vindictive and false accusations by the now saint of society.
It is heart warming and at the same time heart rendering the amount of private messages I have been receiving over the past week from people that have started waking up. Good people coming forward with testimonies and revelations of acts of the devious nature of someone that I used to call a friend. People that shared rooms, meals and conversations with the disgruntled “victims” trying to take good people down. Old friends and buddies that is appalled at what is happening now, cheering now that we are speaking out openly. Students that are questioning me on “ how could you have tolerated” being back stabbed like that. Well of course it would have helped if good people spoke out sooner. If only right. Hindsight is always 20/20. In the present moment a good person always holds another in good and beauty. This is what many a master of Light has been teaching us.
I have a policy that now seems quite ludicrous – I am the first to admit.
If you can’t say to someone’s face how you feel and what you think you don’t say it behind their backs.
I have lived by that all my life and now it seems I am the fool for that. Or am I? I still believe you say ONLY what is true, even now. Maybe especially now.

Like I have stated before in other posts yes I am considered a hard, outspoken, heartless bitch. Is this true? No, I am not! I just say to you in person what needs to be said. Like it or not. Do I mean to harm you? Absolutely not. Do I mean to wake you up to something you might not see? Absolutely. Could I be nicer? Probably. Would that be as effective? Most likely not. Is it truth? Always.

My purpose in life is to be the catalyst to transformation. To do whatever it takes to bring about change and transformation so we can all live in peace and harmony. To anchor that 1000 years of peace that the prophecies talk about. Shamballa, Nirvana, New Jerusalem or whatever it may be called. Are there casualties? Unfortunately so. I know you might not believe me but it rips my heart out every time I have to be harsh, direct or redirect regardless my own ego or yours. That is why I work 24/7 to heal, fix and serve. I know the karma for my words, deeds and actions and I am the one that has to deal with it. 

I haven’t taken care of my garden like some of my great teachers have been pointing out to me. Thank you women of the MMS for your amazing truthful posts you share. You are all true gardeners and I admire you, your pictures of your gardens and your families. The penny has finally dropped for me. You and so many other great women in this lineage have been able to hold the balance of both service and family life, sometimes at great cost to yourselves. You have shared such great and amazing stories and I am in awe of everyone standing up and showing themselves. Well done to every woman of the world working at yourself! Keep shining the Light! 

I applaud every good man too for speaking out in a world where it has become acceptable to sell everything and anything with sex. Where it is so hard to be a good man. So many has written to me to ask how do you even show a woman admiration if you can’t compliment their beauty and sexuality without the risk of being called a pervert? Without the possibility of being accused of abuse? Thank you to the men of MMS that have spoken out. Taken up the sword to fight the war against what is corrupted. I honor you today!Thank you to the men of the Third Order Gudni Gudnason, Dave Lanyon and Hideto Nakagome, the Leader of Leaders Eric Thompson and to the Council of 12 Women for your courage to teach even about the sacred truth of the art of this complex subject called sex. It is so crucial to know how to navigate the world of such sensitive matters that can easily be vilivied and used as a weapon of evil as we are seeing right now.

How distorted our world has become. It is time for this to change. It is time to separate the lies from the truth. Reality from the illusion. Some has written to me and asked how do we distinguish between real and fake. Only in your heart will you have the answer to that.Fake news, fake tan, fake boobs, fake meat, fake conversations, fake articles, fake … and you can fill in the blank. I will conclude with this –In South Africa we have the great fortune of having glorious sunshine days 325 days of the year. No need for fake vit D here.I wish you a beautiful cup of tea today! Up to you if you choose chamomile, five roses, green tea or whatever warms your heart! Blessed be!

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon

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