Mothers Day

Dear Friend and Enemy of the MMS Yes I am sad because I feel things need to be said and brought in the open.
Everything that happens to you is the effect of something you have chosen to do or not do, and it might even be an experience that is being given you to assist in your transformation. In either case, what takes place is exactly what you need at the present moment. For you and me and us at the Modern Mystery School – South Africa Modern Mystery School International , we can either use it to stay victim to our old conditioned patterns of being or we can use it as a foundation to build something new. To create the Shamballa, we all yearn for. Here at Modern Mystery School – South Africa, Limina Lucem we are using it to further our personal and collective transformation. I am using this latest attack as an eye opener that I have to work harder for the light and not let evil take me or anyone I care for out!
We stand up with each other because we know and love each other. We are a family, and we might not like certain things about each other, but we accept and love the Divine nature of each individual. I know many do not like my direct outspokenness, that is why I am quiet most of the time, lol and yet I know every one of my brothers and sisters will have my back when it is needed!
So, when we reaffirm our commitment to fight the darkness and evil ways on this planet the only thing, we are doing is speaking out against the things that are not acceptable to us. When we speak out against false and biased presentation of that what is dear to us, we are taking a stand against all the wrongs in society. When we speak truth now it is not because we are defending words in an article, no, it is because we kept quiet in the past. Believe me quiet people always know more than what they seem to know.
These are the core beliefs by which we operate, and I do hope you will take the time to read it!…/ So many have questioned why we all post at present. While we understand that forgiveness for those who have wronged you is easy; forgiveness does not mean you roll over and allow harm to come to those you hold dear. We teach that vengeance in fact will even be replaced by gratitude. We have gratitude for the opportunity to show the world who we really are! This is not about defending ourselves, our leaders Gudni Gudnason, Dave Lanyon, Hideto Nakagome against the slanderous biased and intentionally skew picture painted by Mark Wilding and a few disgruntled ex-students about the lineage and the school, about our sacred ceremonies, rituals and tools.
No! It is about standing together for the values and the beliefs that have served every one of us. Those that are speaking out, those that remain quiet and even those that are screaming abuse, exploitation and heaven knows what else. Yes, even those that now suddenly protest they were magnetized and have been disillusioned. Before your Life activation, your adept initiation, which you willingly received and asked for when you chose to attend Empower Thyself, you were in a much worse state than since you received the work you now desecrate.
Bernice you attack those that helped you come back from a really dark place. You became an empowered person putting your life together with the help of the Modern Mystery School International but before that you were using many substances heavily, you partied all the time and there are many of your friends from your life before the school that have testified to that and so much more. It was not just a once off drunk driving charge, just one false cry of being taken advantage of sister. With the tools of the MMS you started putting your life together and you started living as the goddess that you teach everyone now to become. You overcame that old old! Why belittle it now? You are using exactly the results of those tools to bring change in your socialite world. You are letting evil destroy all that you achieved dear! I remember the time in Sea Point in the restaurant buying you a steak to ground you after a heavy relapse you had. I know you hate me for standing in your way of becoming a guide. For saying you had to stop sleeping around and living a pure life. I know you hate me for telling you to stop your unhealthy infatuation with Dave and others you obsessed about. I know you hate me for trying to prevent you from messing up your life. You have made this very clear! BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Take responsibility for your OWN decisions. Does it make you feel better to twist everything around? Truth twisted for what purpose?
You have already cast the shadows of doubt onto all the people and their families you have accused cowardly, including myself, in a vile sensation seeking internet article. Distorted stories with an agenda! And many a person is standing up for you and defending you, making you the victim. NO sister you are NOT that. I do remember you and the times we shared. You made calculated choices that didn’t bring the desired results and you blame those outside of you.
I am sad you have gone to this level and that this is the only way to reach you. Never have you taken the direct route of communication. You have approached only those that would commiserate with you, those that are now fuelling this expose and choose to cowardly stay in the background. Anonymously sending it to one and all. Silent gratification of the victim. Delusions of the mind is what is more detrimental than actual disease. My heart bleeds for the damage that this social media sensation seeking is doing to the innocent seeker out there.
Christa I am sad that it is a reason to destroy the lives of good people because you felt helping to clean the centre after big events was not compensated. I am honoured to clean and am still doing it every time I get the opportunity after every class here or internationally. It is so little that I can do in return for the teachings I utilise in my life to transform not only my own but also other people’s lives.
Yes these are harsh sounding words but true. As is harsh what is said in the article and not true. What about the thousands of lives that have transformed because of these tools? One or ten Disgruntlars destroying it for others. If you begrudge the school for whatever reason you have the right to walk away for sure. I serve to help those that want the transformation, and this little distraction will not deter me. Sticks and stones might break my bones, my reputation and whatever else but I serve no matter what it takes. My prayer is that we can overcome our tendency to make others accountable for the decisions we make, for the things we do and don’t do!
The core belief acted out there in the world is that women are weak, lost, abandoned, attacked, exploited and abused. Might it be that they are brow-beaten victims giving their power away and not willing to confront their own dark mirrors! Blaming others for everything that is wrong in order to avoid feeling guilty or ashamed for not honouring their own power and Divinity as females. The classic “poor me” where we validate our own existence only by our fears. Don’t get me wrong there is EVIL in this world. MUCH EVIL AND HENOUS CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN! There are women being abused, raped and exploited. Crimes of violence is rampant in my country and everywhere else in the world. False, twisted and distorted claims are taking away attention from the serious crimes to women in the world! It is putting the focus on victimhood instead of the criminal acts portrayed on women by violent perpetrators. Taking focus away from what MUST be looked at and addressed. This is NOT right! This must stop!
Today I want to make a tribute to all the MOTHERS out there. Thank you for your strength, your commitment and dedication to continue living life in spite of all the hardships you have faced. Thank you to my mother for always being there for me even when you were broken yourself. Heart broken by all the criticism, the judgments, the opposition of the world.
Women of the world let us take hands and restore the Divine Archetype of the Mother. Let us bury the hatchet with each other, our men and all children of the world. Let us become the Guardians of the world again.
Let us restore the perfect balance of the female and male energies on this planet. Our Mother Earth.
I stand as a woman today.
Getting older, wiser and embracing it.
I am a work in progress and loving every step of the hard work on the way to enlightenment.
Taking responsibility of my thoughts and words and deeds.
Sisters and stepsisters, Cinderella’s and Cruella’s, let us heal all this brokenness in ourselves so we can take our rightful place on this planet again.
Let us restore the trust and the innocence.
Let us bring back the introspection, illumination and alignment with wisdom.
Let us stand in the Light and Enlightenment.
We are the mothers. We are the life bearers.
Let us restore the open heart-to-heart communication.
Let us be impeccable with our words.
Let us be impeccable with our own self-worth.
Mothers can forgive anything! Everything!
That is what makes them Unique Angels of God.
Mothers have courage and strength!
Thank you Divinas Franca Lanyon Eiko Gudnason Luisa Nakagome for being courageous women and forgiving the hurt and damage done to your families!
Thank you, Women of the MMS, for your willingness and courage to heal yourselves and others.
I salute you all Grandmothers, Mothers, Women & Sisters of the world.
Let’s make a difference! Little by little light up the fires of sacred remembrance of the Divine Feminine.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon

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