How many times have you ask yourself… Where am I going? What’s the purpose of all this?

I’ve struggle with these questions as well. I asked myself constantly, what’s the use? Why am I putting so much effort into something when I know that it’s not even worth it?

Does this sound familiar? How many people out there are feeling like you’re robots, just eating, working, sleeping and repeating this over and over again. After a while you don’t feel any compassion or even passion. How and when did we lose our passion? When I was younger I had so much energy and excitement. When did we lose that?

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Karien. At this stage in my life, I’m a wife and mother and I have a full-time job. Not so long ago I was in a dark place where I felt overwhelmed. So many negative thoughts going through my head. Doubting my ability to be a mother. How can I raise my children in a land where there is so much darkness?

So, with all these question that were going through my head, I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I thought to myself, if I can just get to that little speck of light I would be okay. I was holding on to that little speck of light, for me, that was called hope. For I knew that hope is what gets you out of bed when you feel you can’t stand up, hope is what makes you stay up at night when your child is sick. Hope is what drives me!! As I go through my day, I realize that everytime I smile, I give hope. Everytime I stop complaining and talk about what an amazing day it is, I give hope. Without realizing it, I was spreading hope.

I took a step back and saw that everytime we complain about how difficult life is, a little bit of hope fades away. We get so caught up in everyone’s drama that we forget to see the bigger picture. How do I get out of this trap? The trap of thinking and speaking negative? Because that’s influencing my life, my family.

I told myself that I would be the example to my kids of how you should love, speak and respect each other. It’s in that one step that, looking back, I realized that in order for me to be the example, I need to change my thoughts and my words!!! I always expected other people to change, but the only way they will change is when I find the courage within myself to change my actions, words and above all my thoughts. When I speak or act disrespectfully to anyone, I’m spreading hopelessness. The more hopelessness we create the more we sink back into that hole and the light at the end of the tunnel fades away. We, humans, need hope! Hope that there is good in people, hope that there is a better way. Hope that will make our beloved Africa fill with abundance! Hope that people will find the courage to stand up against hopelessness. I need to show my children that there is no colour, only people. Everyone is unique and special in their own way. Yes, not everyone will have the same taste in clothes or music or even hairstyles. How I take action is my ability to create change! When we take action that’s when that hope starts creating ripples. It’s in those ripples that people realize that they need to change. Sometimes words can create more destruction. It’s the intention behind the words that people feel and hear. With action they will see, hear and feel the intention. How can you not feel better after a hug?

We’ve talked about hope and how we can take action, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned passion? I think that you can’t have passion without hope. Hope drives passion. When we are filled with hope we start feeling that fire within. That fire is our passion. It’s that passion that spreads like fire.

Passion creates love and excitement for life and all living beings. That’s the fire/excitement that you felt as a child that we, as adults, have forgotten we still have. Passion is the love to create all things good. Passion makes you feel alive and makes life worth living. So how can we, as adults, find that passion within ourselves again? Well I think we need to go back to basics … What brings you joy????

Not very long ago I had to sit and write down what brings me joy. I realize that I’ve created my life around my job, my kids and my husband. I thought that I need them to feel joy. I was so wrong. I had to find the joy within myself in order to see the joy in them. Joy comes from within, there are no other person that will give you joy. Joy is a choice you make. You need to open yourself up and allow yourself to feel, sense and create joy in your life. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine what joy will look like for you? For me it’s being part of an amazing spiritual family with like-minded people, where we have the same goal and that is to bring Shambala, heaven on earth. That is my joy! See it all starts with me, changing, seeing that I have all the joy and hope within me gives me the ability to take action to create more joy and more hope. 

I was raised to believe that we need to find hope and search for joy, never once was I told to look within myself. All the answers are within. That’s what the Modern Mystery School showed me. I’ve met amazing people and teachers. I’ve experience real joy and I’ve seen hope! I’ve felt hope. Even when it feels that our country has no hope left. I feel, see and experience hope every day. I experience hope when I see people caring and sharing. Where children are safe and loved. Where religion and the colour of your skin does not define you.  I see a future where there is hope and joy. I’ve seen it in my own life and close family, that when I heal and progress, when I change, they change. I’ve learned that I can’t sit and wait for other people to change, I need to take action.

I believe that where there is a hope there is light!


Being a mother and a wife, Karien Ronne understands the challenges of balancing everyday life. Being in the corporate world, she realized that there must be more to life.  Her life changed in March 2011 when she found her true purpose and became part of the Modern Mystery School.

 Since then she became a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Kabbalist and 2nd step Ritual Master in the Linage of King Solomon. She is also one of the few in Africa who is able to perform a Baby Blessing, one of the most powerful Blessings on earth. She believes that our children are our future and it’s extremely important to help them to realize their full potential from an early age. It’s her purpose and mission to assist and guide people to find their purpose in life and live their lives to the highest potential.

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