- The two extremes of the festive season -

Another year is ending and for some this is a time to be merry and celebrate and for others it is a time of sadness and despair. Whichever of the two it might be for you there is no doubt that it is a time for reflection, taking stock of the past and planning for the future.

Hope is the antidote for hopelessness, which according to the Beck scale is rooted in 3 major aspects –

  • Motivation, passion, or drive, also called will
  • Expectations
  • Feelings about the future

The Beck Depression Inventory/BDI is widely used to assess the intensity of depression and even to predict suicidal tendency behaviors in all ages from 13 years and above. Beck developed a triad of negative cognitions about the world, the future, and the self, which play a major role in depression and identifying inverted hostility towards the self.  All these negative thoughts and emotions rooted in feelings of hopelessness, leading to states of desperation and actions of abnegation of life. The BDI score is elicited by questions reflecting thoughts and beliefs one hold about the world, the future and self, therefore the quality of life.

 Quality of life is defined by the World Health Organization as “an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns”.  The sustained intrusive negative cognitions shaping thoughts of hopelessness and therefore reducing one’s quality of life, trapping one in a maelstrom of negativity and despair with no way out of the labyrinth of addiction to victimhood, is the ultimate enemy of hope.

 Herein lies the major difference between hope and hopelessness. Hope acknowledges there is a way out, all one requires is to seek for the door that leads to something else, something better and then acting by stepping through the door. This might be scary, yes and it requires one to take action! That is the secret of creation, one must be prepared to DO! Never give up hope for there is something else, seek for something better, make different choices – choose life!

 The choices that we make ripens the fruits that we pluck. As Empowered Beings of Light, a fact that we might have forgotten, we have the ability to change the circumstances of our lives. It might require learning the skill of asking for whatever one might need to grow, transform, and improve the quality of life. It might require that we seek appropriate help. It might require sacrificing the old for the new. It might require letting go of the addiction to self-imposed victimhood and disempowerment. Realizing that your thoughts do not equal reality. That your brain might be lying to you, and just because you think doesn’t mean it is real or even the truth; it might be distorted, inaccurate or downright wrong.

 Once you are willing to recognize why you are resisting feeling and being empowered, you are opening yourself up to seeing how your negativity and feelings of hopelessness are keeping you in victimhood. You can change it by actively resisting the hopelessness now rather than the empowerment. It will most definitely require one to stand up for oneself! To take action! Actively challenging those negative cognitions. Thinking as Our True Self. Our Godself. It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion! Creating change by becoming the change you desire.

 If you are feeling hopeless REACH OUT! Ask for the help you need! Seek that door that will open to something new for you!

 There are so many individuals and organizations ready to assist. BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK! YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO REACH OUT.

 SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND! Something can only be found if it is looked for! It will require effort from your side and your efforts will be rewarded. There is enough for everybody, you might just have to broaden your scope a little bit! You might have to be willing tyo let go of your expectations and attachments.

 Seek until you find and do not give up! It takes courage to keep going. It takes courage to face yourself, your weaknesses and failures and then continue going on regardless. Upward and onward. There is a universal law that everything is cyclical. Everything goes through successive recurrences from its primary state of being. Every situation in life is temporary. In our greatest challenges we find our greatest strengths, we just have to keep going. And if you don’t have what it requires to keep going reach out and ask for appropriate and empowered help!


Admitting and asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak; it is a testament to your courage and strength. It means you have already done everything in your power to help yourself and now you need someone to remind you that you can keep going. Hope expels the darkness.

Empowered help gives you the tools you require to keep reaching for more, it is not doing for you and on your behalf. It is respecting that you are a God Being and reminding you to reach within to go yet another mile.

The reason why you don’t already have what you desire is because you hold beliefs and thought patterns that is holding you in a vibratory holding pattern that doesn’t vibrate at the frequency of what you desire. Just because your thoughts are holding your emotions and feelings in a space that doesn’t serve you, doesn’t mean you have to keep attracting in response to them. Whenever you are focused on whatever you feel you are lacking, you are disconnected and separate from who you really are. When you are in harmony and alignment with your true self you are in joy and peace. When you are at peace you are in Spirit. Here You are the Enlightened Being that you are.

Where to Look for Enlightenment
"Where shall I look for enlightenment?
"When will it happen?"
"It is happening right now."
"Then why don't I experience it?
" "Because you do not look."
"What should I look for?"
"Nothing, just look."
"At what?"
"Anything your eyes alight upon."
"Must I look in a special kind of way?"
"No. The ordinary way will do."
"But don't I always look the ordinary way?"
"Why ever not?"
"Because to look you must be here. You're mostly somewhere else."
Anthony de Mello

It is important to acknowledge our emotions as they come up, whether negative or positive, and then see them for what they are. To do and experience from awareness. Do they come from Spirit and therefore Love or from the personality and illusion, thus Fear. When we deny our emotions or suppress them, they become the unresolved shadows we keep running from. It is best to fully feel them but not to get hooked on the story we tell ourselves and others around them. The negative emotions we feel are important messages from our subconscious and we must listen to them as they are aspects of ourselves. When you allow yourself to fully experience the emotion without the bells and whistles of the story, you will find it loses its power.

Emotions are just the same as any other choices we make, we choose to give them power over us or choose to let them go. No human is immune to feeling emotions, not even the masters, but once we learn how to control our emotions, we are no longer victim to its whims. Our emotions become signals of what serves us and what threatens our survival, attracting what is beneficial and repelling what doesn’t support our life force. Just energy indicators. Useful indicators that we can steer our lives by.

As you might have experienced or maybe denied, our emotions have a direct effect on our bodies. Even if these emotions are running under the radar of your awareness, they are creating a reality in the body that you can’t escape from. Pain, stiffness, immobility, illness and disease. Every emotion is preceded by thought and even when you are not consciously aware of either, it is what creates your reality. No matter what the problem is or looks like, it is a reflection of our inner thoughts.

Emotions are experiences, that’s all, you can choose what you want to experience, all emotions are always available to you; it just takes practice to shift them at will. Just because you are having a rough life experience doesn’t mean you can’t shift it. There is always hope – never give up! There are so many modalities out there in this day and age that can help you to confront that inner world that torments and challenges every aspect of your life. They are as diverse as the human souls walking the planet.

Keep seeking until you find what resonates with you, challenges you to become more aligned with your true nature, keeps you moving and progressing. That will not be anything that keeps you in status quo, that’s a fact. It must be something that helps you to become more perfect today than yesterday, that gets you out of your comfort zone and propels you towards your true and divine essence as the God Being that you are meant to be. The same is true for the people you choose to be with. As an empowered being choose to be around those that will always hold you to a high standard and not settle for less than your godself.

Harming yourself or others will never bring you the solace you seek. We are all one and when you are hurting everyone is hurting. Your negative thoughts are permeating consciousness, like molecules in motion, pervading everyone’s consciousness. When one overcomes then all feel the results. We are in the time of no more secrets and the truths we have been told since the beginning of time can no longer be denied. It is all of us, not none of us! You are important to the fabric of the Universe and without you there is a gap in the tapestry of life. Nobody else can fill your shoes …. only you!

How can you help yourself? Start with the ABC of practical things you can do to redirect, if not eradicate your negative cognitions, thoughts, and resultant emotions:

  1. Awareness, Acceptance of self and others, Aromatherapy, Art, Astral travel
  2. Boundaries, Breathing, Bach remedies
  3. Compassion for self and others, Cord Cutting, Cuddle a child or animal, Creative expression, Cartoons & Comedies, Cutback caffeine, Cease smoking, Crystal healing, Chi Do
  4. Detox, Dance, Deep breathing
  5. Embrace your gifts, Expression, Empower Thyself, Ensofic Reiki
  6. Forgiveness of self and others, Full Spirit Activation
  7. Gratitude, Goal setting, Grounding, Getting it off your chest, Giving it to nature
  8. Hobbies, Healing, Hope, Hug a pet, a tree, a child, another person or yourself, Humor, Hypnotherapy
  9. Inner calm, Inner child work
  10. Journaling, Jokes, Journeys of the spirit
  11. Kindness, Kabbalah, Keys to Magick Mastery, King Salomon Healing Modality
  12. Love, Letting go, Laughter, Lavender, Life Activation
  13. Mindful Meditation, Music, Max Meditation System™
  14. Nature, Nourish and Nurture, Natural remedies
  15. Openness, Omega 3
  16. Patience with self and others, physical exercise and activity, pets, painting, play
  17. Quite the bad habit, quiet mind
  18. Relaxation, Redirection of thoughts, Read, Run, Rituals, Ra healings
  19. Service to self and others, Seek Support, Slow down, Surrender, Self-compassion, Self-acceptance, Sticking up for yourself, Sleep, Sing, Sacred geometry, Sanctuary meditation
  20. Talk to people, Touch, Therapy
  21. Unwind, Unite with family and friends
  22. Volunteer at a charity, Validate yourself and others
  23. Walk, Write, Worry box to bury and let go
  24. Xmas cheer and remembrance of the gift of Xmas
  25. Yoga
  26. Zen
You are not alone! Together we can do this! Just remember who you are and when you lose your way reach out for help.



May this festive season be blessed and 2023 hold the keys to unlock something new and exciting for you!

May Peace prevail on Earth.

Today make just one different choice than usual, it can kickstart something totally new for you!

Here are a couple of useful websites where you can find the help you need internationally:

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Limina Lucem Centre of Excellence

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Life Line

From the pen of Divina Rita
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Divina Rita is passionate about personal empowerment. Her natural abilities and many talents have created huge breakthroughs and healing in many people’s lives, as she continues her life’s passion of empowering people to reclaim their own power and greatness.