Hell Has No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” is the saying.
Sisters if we can’t take responsibility for our actions, we will always stay the victim to it!
Taking responsibility means pointing the finger at yourself for the choices you make and don’t make. Not justifying, rationalizing or projecting at others, not distorting the facts to make you feel better about yourself!
I warn you not to read this post if you want fluffy falsities.
I am of the older generation and not so active on social media. I still believe in the hands-on method. I still believe that looking someone in the face and having a real conversation is the honorable way to interact. If you want to know the truth, then ask me and I will share it and if not asked I will keep quiet and confidential all I know as I have taken the Hippocratic oath to do. So, believe me speaking out on this medium means that this is an important matter.
One too many false accusations has been made to cast dispersions onto what is real for me.
When I look at a person, I see a divine being, not a title or a label or the negative ego screaming out with all kinds of inappropriate behaviors. I see you. I see me. I see someone seeking for truth and enlightenment.
When harmed I turn the other cheek and be a good person. This is what my mother taught me. I am in service to humanity and even though I am not perfect in any way shape or form I am always willing to help no matter what.
I am always willing to serve anyone even while the daggers are being stuck into my flesh.
At the detriment of myself, my family and my own reputation a great many times.
I chose the monastic way of living and service to humanity at a very young age and do not regret it for a moment. I will do it all again no matter the cost, if even one word that I say can help another soul on their journey here on earth or in the afterlife.
Well, I am honest to admit that most of the time I don’t say it in a sugar-coated way. I am sorry I say it just the way it is, and it’s not well received 99,9% of the time. I have walked a long and arduous path of self-knowledge and I know what I know and am discovering every day more of what I don’t know. BUT I know this attack on the leaders of the Modern Mystery School International / MMS is unfounded and intended to destroy spirituality, to drive people seeking more away from a possible solution and I can NOT condone that!

I heard someone say one day that it is not at all hard to understand a person, it is only hard to listen without bias. This has stuck with me and I have tried to live with this awareness in my mind. What Mark Wilding reporting for Vice, Bernice van Eck, Christa Swart and others have shown me is that you can take your personal drama and create a biased fabrication of truths, half-truth and outright lies and feed it to the world to negate your own discernment and self-responsibility. That anything is acceptable to get revenge because you can’t deal with the choices that you made and don’t have the courage to face. NO this is NOT acceptable. Everything that was reported in this latest article attacking the MMS as a cult and sex club was biased and intended to hurt and slander. If it was only about me, I would have done what I do so many times and just keep quiet BUT this is about my spiritual family. About good men and women that are doing good things in service to humanity. Helping others on so many levels that nobody out there even know about. Are they perfect? By no means! Are they working towards betterment of themselves and others? 24/7!

I have been a professional healer when I found the Modern Mystery School International in 2007. I am truthful if I say I was the biggest sceptic and caused many troubles for my teachers. I asked way too many questions and challenged them constantly. Then I started using the work and everything changed. It created a huge shift in everyone’s lives that I introduced to the work. All the things that I thought I would and could never do became a reality in my life. I kept on training and I met the most amazing family of beings working towards a common goal. Holding the Light. Helping others to become a better version of themselves. Overcoming their own imperfections step by step and growing in awareness, taking responsibility, living empowered lives. People thinking for themselves. People spending huge amounts of money, yes, freely and willingly to empower themselves. To live as Divine Royal Beings governing their own lives. I am a highly intelligent person with many qualifications, and I am NOT brainwashed. In fact, I am the most politically incorrect person and get in trouble all the time, even in the school, for speaking from my heart and not thinking through what I say!
For the most part I do not lightly say things.

I most vehemently detest that my intellect is questioned regarding my discernment about this facility making teachings available to all that by their free will and choice choose to partake of it. Nobody is forced to get the work; everyone comes by their own free will and choice and everyone stays or leaves by their free will and choice. The teachings are available to everyone that chooses to partake of it. I have had students not wanting the work and stepping away and I have had many others that took the teachings and started working with it, changing their whole lives for the better.

Teachings made available by an incredible teacher, even though he can be labelled as weird, for sure he lives outside the box, outside of the box others wish to have everyone stay in! Founder of the MMS, Gudni Gudnason. Always pushing the envelope of the norm. A great humanitarian and a super fantastic human and teacher par excellence. I know this great man personally and for sure he can push my buttons, but always to further my own growth as a human being and Light worker. I know his gorgeous wife and have visited their home. I know a fraction of the sacrifices he has made in his life to bring this work to everyone that wishes to receive it. The long hours he works to bring this to everyone that desires to better themselves, to educate and train others to fight the evil and darkness of the ego inside and out there in the world.

I personally know and have facilitated every member of the Third Order Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome that is falsely accused of all kinds of bullshit. I facilitated them coming into South Africa to bring these teachings to everyone that eagerly took the teachings and is now basing all of their individual work on what they have learned from the MMS on a personal level. These teachers and other instructors have come to SA at great financial loss to each of them in the service that they provided us. They endured many a hardship travelling here, not to talk about our hard-headedness and lack of appreciation once they arrived here! Many a picture posted and others that has never been posted, can show attendance of now disgruntled students willingly and happily joining classes and training for many years. Not forced, not coerced, not brain-washed, no magic tricks played on them, not one class but in most cases decades of classes.

When you go to a restaurant serving bad food you complain and leave never to return. You don’t keep going back for years to eat the bad food and then 10 years later complain about how bad it always was. I am saddened by the fact that fellow South Africans have got such a big part in all the drama. We keep playing to the victim mentality. We are not victims! Nothing is done to us without involving our choice. If you don’t like something don’t keep doing it over and over and over again. That is stupidity, not brainwashing.

Dear Disgruntlars, you have been told so many times in so many ways to clean up your act. You have a history of false accusations, false allegations of rapes, false legal claims (allegedly). Everyone that has ever shared a room with you on your trips knows about your consorts paying your class fees, your sick infatuation with the men in the school. Time to take responsibility for your actions. Stop projecting your stuff onto others. You are harming yourself and these good people that have all tried to help you to become a better person. I have tried selflessly too many a time and even that was distorted in a vengeful way.

Sisters of the YA_YA women-hood let us all take responsibility for our actions. Let us all take hands and take care of ourselves and of the men of the world. Let us create a place that is safe for us all to live in. Let us all clean up our act.

It saddens me the way the chasm between the sexes is still growing. As long as we can point fingers and accuse or even cast a shadow of doubt onto someone else, we will always have this wolf eating away inside of ourselves. We have to lay down the axe with each other. We are all One.

At this time on the planet when we are working hard at anchoring Shamballa, a New Paradigm, a time of peace and acceptance of All, look at your words, deeds and actions.

Have we lost our Spark of Goodness? What is the driving force within that is making us blind to each other’s essence? We have lost the connection with Self. We have lost the recognition of our Divine “sameness”. We have become blind to our purpose alike. There are GOOD MEN out there and these leaders of the MMS being accused of all kinds of things are GOOD MEN. The men in the school are good men that work on themselves. There are only GOOD people in this school, men and women, working at becoming even better.

I stand up for everyone in the Mystery School that is effortlessly working at themselves. Perfect? No not yet but working at it by taking responsibility. Keeping themselves accountable for their mistakes as well as their successes. I am one of the Council of 12 and proud to serve this great Mystery School and its members. Are we a cult? Really? You ask that from someone this outspoken. Read more on this in this amazing article written by Christina LozanoThe Truth about the Modern Mystery School: Cult or Community of Lightworkers?

If you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen my mother would say. If you don’t like to be empowered leave. Find any way that will get you there. I and many others have found this is really the quickest way, albeit the hardest.There are many ways up the mountain. You choose which is correct for you. You have my blessings. Leave everyone else to make that choice for themselves too.

My mother has always said don’t wash your dirty laundry in front of others. I love her for that and for being a true mother!

Disgruntled axe grinders go wash your dirty laundry elsewhere and stop standing in the way of others climbing Mt Everest. It is hard enough to do your inner work without the hindrance of all the shadows and doubt cast by your shit.

Dear Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipssisimus Dave Lanyon, Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome, Divina Eiko Gudnason, Divina Franca Lanyon, Divina Luisa I acknowledge you with all my heart, with gratitude for all your graciousness. I know you all and you will not fight in your own defense. You have my personal love and respect for all you do and bring to this planet.

My name is Rita van den Berg and you can be assured of my allegiance to the Light always.
Like it or not. I have spoken. Aho.

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon

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