Harming Anyone or Being Harmed is Not Acceptable


Harming Anyone or Being Harmed is Not Acceptable

I would like to make it very clear that I am not speaking on behalf of anyone but only myself today and if anything should resonate with you I am humbled and ask you to just sit with it and take it inside. If it doesn’t resonate or you have opinions about it feel free to sit with it and keep it inside yourself too. This is not about a debate on who is for or against and if you have thoughts about this do take it inside or move on to another post that you do like.
The world is a messed up place and it has become like that because so many a time when we should be taking a stand we don’t. When we should express and we don’t or we should keep quiet and we don’t. There are many reasons for that of course! What are your reasons for speaking out or staying quiet? What are your reasons for defending, criticising or commenting?
Mostly because we think others are too weak to do it for themselves? This is so insulting and this is my feeling about it! Let everyone speak for themselves. Do you have all the facts?
There are always more than one side to any story and even more interpretations of it. Bottomline is we have all been abused in some way, shape or form. There are those that keep quiet and then there are those finding a public forum to announce it to all that will sympathize with it.
In my practice I have found those of serious and repeated violent abuse are usually very silent. Those that want everyone to know their story are usually the victims. Yes, I know there will be many of you reading this that will accuse me once again of being insensitive and speaking too harshly. As I started out please hold your opinions and judgments and if you can’t, just stop reading this. It is not for you.
Let me be VERY clear. Abuse is not right. Harming anyone or being harmed is NOT acceptable but let’s stop for a moment and think about the definition of abuse.
Here are a few:
“ to use something to bad effect or for a bad purpose”
“to treat a person or animal with cruelty or violence”
“ Any action that intentionally harms or injures another”
“ The improper use of something”
Cruelty and violence can NOT be condoned. Society has come to think of abuse only in a sexual connotation though and it is not so. It is so much broader than that. The improper use of something albeit power, words, actions and intentions. I have been working with abused humans and animals for very long and there is nothing more heart breaking than seeing the results of emotional abuse where there are no scars to be shown except in the heart and mind.
I have recently been attacked for re-victimising someone that has been throwing out allegations and misrepresented truths over a period of 3 years. So only if you spread false allegations do you have the right to defence? Do you even know what really happened? That is what is sick in our society. Just make an allegation and in brackets say the defendants lawyers denied this but I am going to publish it anyhow. What an upright human you are Mark Wilding! Have a great karma day brother!
I have been the focus of slanderous attacks by women with axes to grind. Fired into my heart and soul and this has been going on behind my back for over 3 years now. It is personal so am I just expected to roll over and take it? Are the cowardice attacks behind my back and on social media right? These victims are being defended so verociously so it must mean that they are the only ones with rights? I have no rights? Those that are being attacked, slandered have no rights? Do only those bringing forth slanderous attempts at destroying me, my reputation, my livelihood and those of my family have the right to defense?
It has been growing like a cancer for years and has damaged so many with whom I have had contact over this period, not even mentioning those that never came forward. I have been silent and allowed everyone their opinions, suspicions and judgments. I did this because there is so much more to the story than what was given by these women and those commiserating with the falsities, rumours and innuendos. What good would it do to speak out when not a single person had the decency or guts to address it with me directly? Should you have asked you would have known the true version. Nobody ever did. Just made their own judgments and that is ok for I am not defending myself as I have been so harshly judged. No! I am not victimising or re-victimising those that utilize social media to fight their battles either. I am standing true and standing up for myself in truth for once! I KNOW what it feels like to be abused and now we do talk about the broad definition!
Over the past week thank heavens the bombshell has exploded and finally it is out in the open. An article was published and forwarded to everyone whether they wanted to be part of it or not! The focus of someone with bad intensions meant to intentionally harm and injure. Used to a bad purpose! By way of slander, false rumours, doubts and blunt manipulation! Unfortunately it is not just about me and the poison is all around and affecting so much more than myself and my MMS family. Like a bulging abscess that has burst and the pus is oozing everywhere. But as a healer I am happy that the boil burst. I am happy that finally everything is in the open and the Light can enter into the wound so it can heal!
I am not writing this in an attempt to get sympathy or even your empathy. I am not writing this to hear how sorry you are or even that you stand with me even though I appreciate you all, friends and foe. I am not a victim. I am not looking to be avenged or protected or cuddled. Not for this crime against me and my Modern Mystery School International family all over the world nor for the crime perpetrated on me a long time ago.
I am writing this because finally I can say something about the hurt and damage it has caused. NOT to Me! I am just a casualty of war. A war that has been raging inside the mind of damaged individuals just like we all are, unless we take control of it and heal it. I have been there before so I know. I too have been the recipient of abuse and thinking that I need to be validated, approved and excused because I am special and unique on the basis of how I have suffered abuse. I could have joined a women’s movement too and shouted out in anger and vengefulness. What a useless exercise. Even the latest movement that could have been a worthy campaign to make people aware of abuse, if only victimhood wasn’t allowed to creep in and derail a good thing.
I refuse to give in to weakness, to excuses of being a “special” case.
I detest how society makes us think we are imperfect. And NO I am NOT saying women deserve to be abused I am saying we are not victims and nobody should make us that.
I disapprove of anyone needing to defend another. That means they can’t do it for themselves? Anyhow they are very verbal on social media so one would expect nobody needs to worry about them being re-victimised.
I salute all those that could overcome their greatest challenge, their deepest wounding to let the Light in and heal.
I salute every women AND man, child and animal that has been the recipient of abuse in any way, shape or form. I know there are many that find the MMS to heal and let the Light in. It has been likened to a hospital for the ill and afflicted. I am eternally grateful to Gudni Gudnason Hideto Nakagome Dave Lanyon and every good man in the school for showing me that even though they might have faults and imperfections that they are willing to work at those and serve the Light.
Rumi hit it on the head. The wound is where the light can enter if you allowed it to. The wound allows one to go within and acknowledge the choices that one made that brought the results. Letting the Light in allows one to truly KNOW THYSELF. Know Thyself as a Divine Being! Serving other that have pain and hurt!
It is so easy to blame everyone and everything outside of ourselves. Of course there are perpetrators of vile and evil deeds but for the most part one’s choices bring us to the places of harm and we have to take responsibility for what we do and don’t do.
I have seen so many receivers of abuse step out of their victimhood. Stand tall and be an example to others. It is so easy in this day and age of junk food to eat that burger and chips and then blame the fast food joint for your indigestion. It is so easy to blame the clown for being a bad clown but then my dear just stop going to the circus!!!
Bernice if you pursue men with all your womanly wiles, flaunt yourself at them and they flirt with you is it their crime alone? Repeatedly men coming on to you, taking advantage of you are only the men to blame? Is it possible that you need to make different choices? To see where you have to restore the balance between your light and dark side?
Unless you choose to stay in the same situation for fear of your life, unless you are threatened or your kids at risk and even then – find a way out! Do you perpetually put yourself in the same situation? Do you go to a man’s room and expect nothing to happen? It is so easy to exonerate yourself and blame someone else, male or female. What do you need to do to take yourself out of harm’s way? I did. So many others did! Blame makes you the victim. Projection makes you the victim! Let the light in. Being a victim holds you ransom! Yes I speak harshly. Yes I am blunt! Yes I will keep pushing my brothers and sisters to step out of their victimhood! I will do whatever it takes. I am grateful to the Modern Mystery School International for the tools I have to make a difference. For the grace of the school that always have an open door for everyone and anyone no matter what!
Woman of the world I have posted on this before. Let us restore our place on this planet. Let us be impeccable with our words. Impeccable in our deeds. Let us live in integrity again. Let us use our voice correctly and take hands with each other. Let us step forward and create a safer place for ourselves, our sisters, our men, children and animals. If we continue this cowardly way of accusing men for the choices that we make how will we ever restore the planet to Shamballa? How will we ever ensure that those that need protection, care receive it? No more muddying the waters with innuendos. No more distracting the focus from the real evil out there. The real crimes to humanity. As women we have to council with ourselves, with other women. We need to set the example and restore the imbalance! I am so happy to have sisters that I care for and that stand with me the council of 12 especially Divinas Franca Lanyon, Eiko Gudnason, Luisa Nakagome, Theresa Ibis Bullard, Liza Rossi, Ann Donnelly, Kate Bartram-Brown and a special friend Martina Coogan that has suffered from the twisted allegations too and so many others that have accepted me as one of the tribe even if I sometimes really wonder why I was chosen to represent the Council of 12, lol.
We have to lay down the axe with each other. We have to start communicating. We have to hear and be heard. We have to learn how to express what is real for us and paramount we have to hear each other.
Women are NOT the only victims of crime and abuse. Men are too!
If we as women do not clean up our act how will we restore the balance? How will we as women be safe? How will our men be safe? Our children?
If we can just lash out everytime we change our mind and no longer want to stand by our choices and decisions how will anything change? When will we take responsibility for our own creations?
If you have forgotten I said very emphatically abuse is not right BUT if we scream abuse everytime we are not satisfied with the outcome of our choices the world will stop listening and THAT is the crime. There are many beings suffering at the hand of abusers. It has become the fashion to scream abuse to the world when we not take responsibility though.
I know of so many brave and courageous women, children and men that has overcome abuse. That are not the victims to abuse but the champions of victory! Have you been to a women’s shelter? Have you served to help them heal. I know the family that have been subjected to the slander, disperging allegations cleverly twisted and misrepresented as delivered by Mark Wilding for Vice and Bernice van Eck has.
I know that no matter what Dave Lanyon and his family, his child, his dear Mother and Father do not deserve to be abused in this way. They have been serving in so many ways. If you have an axe to grind there are other ways. My poor grandmother would rise from her grave if she could see what happens on social media and what is considered acceptable nowadays.
Thank you to the Modern Mystery School International for all the people that have found healing from the work. The lineage is not for everyone. If this is not home to you then find another place that will nurture you. I send you blessings and pray for healing of your wounds. Just let the light in!
No debate is necessary. Take it within or move on. There is so much out there that you can entertain yourself with. No distractions Light workers! let us march onward and upward.

Divina Rita van den Berg is a certified Healer, Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon

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